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Marketing Approach For Dell Computers Essay

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Dell Incorporated originated as an entrepreneurial venture started by a student, Michael Dell, who was attending the University of Texas at the time. Formerly PC's Limited and Dell Computers, the organization's original focus was to sell inexpensive IBM-compatible clones directly to customers. This put the small company in direct contact with their customers and demonstrated to them how effective it was to create computers based on their needs. As the company grew, it also developed an understanding of how to effectively manage their supply and distribution channels. This marketing audit will analyze the strategies and objectives of Dell, Inc. to show how their business objectives have translated into a successful marketing plan.The objective of this report is to communicate the results of a comprehensive marketing audit of Dell, Inc. The audit will be conducted by utilizing data provided directly by employees of Dell, accessed via their corporate website, as well as multiple external and independent research documents. The audit represents a cross-functional review of Dell marketing operations in several areas, however, due to the size and complexity of Dell, this paper will only address the domestic consumer and business markets. Our goal is to develop and present a situational analysis of Dell's marketing processes through the analysis of internal and external market factors taking into consideration environmental variables.The schedule for this research will follow the pattern below:1) Choice of topic for marketing audit: October 12, 20062) Gathering of pertinent data: October 13, 2006 - November 02, 20063) Analysis of data: November 5, 20064) Submission of final paper: November 16, 2006The choice for the marketing audit is Dell, Inc. because, first, information and data on the topic are common and readily available; and second, the...

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1148 words - 5 pages , as well as from companies that are known for being easy to deal with, such as Dell. Expanding services to the internet like Dell did may be an easy task for competing companies to take on over a few years, though, as ?its (Dell?s) competitors fully understand the trick that?s driven Dell?s success. This could be achieved with a strong marketing and sales force. The increased cost efficiency of Dell may be a little more substantial, but also a

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