Marketing As An Impact Of The Internet

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Marketing as an Impact of the Internet

The Internet is an open interconnection of computer networks that
enables the computers and the programs they run to communicate
directly. There are many small-scale, controlled-access "enterprise
internets", but the term is usually applied to the global, publicly
accessible network, called simply the Internet or Net. By early 2000,
more than 100,000 networks and around 100 million users were connected
via the Internet.

I am a member of a small group, employed by a marketing consultancy,
which has been assigned to research how marketing has to respond to
the challenges of the new millennium.

My tasks focus on where and how marketing will need to apply its
attention during the 21st century.

Task 1

In this section I will describe how the increased use of the internet
has impacted on marketing activities.

Marketing concentrates on the buyers, or consumers, determining their
needs and wants, educating them with regard to the availability of
products and to important product features, developing strategies to
persuade them to buy, and, finally, enhancing their satisfaction with
a purchase.

In order to develop a line effectively, market research is conducted
to study consumer behaviour. Changing attitudes and modes of living
directly affect the demand for products. For example, the trend
towards informal dress has changed clothing styles dramatically.
Market research involves the use of surveys, tests, and statistical
studies to analyse consumer trends and to forecast the size and
location of markets for specific products or services.

The internet can have a huge affect on market research due to the fact
that the majority of the world's population is 'on-line'. This is very
good for market researchers as there are all kinds of different people
that have access to the internet such as different age groups,
different races etc. So when targeting certain groups gaining access
to these groups can be a lot faster compared to traditional means of
research such as statistical studies or surveys would have probably
been carried out face to face with a clip board and a list of

But now with the internet marketing researchers can gain access to
their chosen target area a lot easier, an example of this is; if you
are a member of (E-mail database) you are required to fill
a registration form in including certain personal information about
your self such as age, gender and location etc. Once this information
has been subjected you become part of an immense data-base that only
authorised parties can gain access. So marketing researchers can gain
information through this example I have given, but this is just one
and there are literally millions of other forms to gain information on
'The Information Highway'....

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