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Marketing At Nike Essay

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Marketing at Nike

The purpose of Nike is to meet actual and potential customer needs,
doing this the ethical and legal way. Marketing is about businesses
such as Nike, getting the product to the right sort of people at the
right price in the right place, by using the right promotion. Nike
must target the right product at the right audience, for example, it
would be worthless aiming sports shoes to older people because they
don’t exercise because they are to old and weak.

For the marketing strategy to be successful Nike must follow the main
principal of marketing, which is identifying and meeting actual and
potential customer needs, however, to follow this principal the next
principals listed must be followed:

• Understanding customer needs,

• Understand and keep ahead of the competition,

• Communicate effectively with its customers to satisfy customer

• Co-ordinate its functions to achieve marketing aims,

• Be aware of constraints on marketing activities.

To understand customer’s needs, Nike must be aware of their customers
changes in tastes and preferences, the business will have to keep up
to date with what customers want.

Incomes must also be considered. This is important because if an
expensive product was aimed at adults who are on the poorer end of the
market, and they basically couldn’t afford it then the product will
not sell. Therefore, the price of the product will obviously have to
compliment the target market in order for it to be successful.

Nike needs to understand and keep ahead of competition (other sport
brands e.g. Adidas and Gap); to do this Nike must have better
marketing strategies and activities. In order to be the best
competitor, Nike should have better products and more high quality
products with excellent quality and must keep trying to improve them.
Competition analysis can be used to check what their competitors are
doing in order to beat them.

For Nike to get their message across they will need to communicate
with the customers. Nike must discover how to get the message across
about the new product, this could be through several ways of
advertising, such as, leaflets, radio stations or even television,
Nike must chose the best advertising method to suit the target market
and actually promote the product.

Understanding customer needs is another of the activities Nike carries
out. They do this by carrying out research through questionnaires. The
results Nike hopes to gather by doing this is find out what consumer
buying patterns are this would allow them to design a product suitable
for them. Nikes aim would be to increase sales. Also knowing what
consumers disposable income would give them a great advantage because
they would know how much consumers have to spend so they should sell
products for the amount consumers can afford.

Understanding and keeping ahead of the competition is very important.
Nike does this by advertising their products through various media
such as television where it...

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