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In B2C marketing, there are a few industries where close personal relationships exists between buyers and sellers. Perhaps in those instances where personal selling is the most important element of the marketing mix and where customer service is also important, relationships between buyer and seller may exist. These situations however are rare.In B2B marketing, situations where strong personal and business relationships grow between buyer and seller are not as rare. The strategic importance of many purchases is too great for companies to always shop around when making a purchase; they need to make absolutely sure that the product fits their needs and that it will be available when needed at the right cost. Therefore, many companies enter into long-term contracts, build relationships that enable buyers and sellers to plan jointly, and work to secure for both companies. A large difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the distribution channels in B2C do not include anyone between the manufacturer and the customer who uses the product, or user. (Morris, Pitt)Stronger relationships and shorter channels are two reasons why there is a greater emphasis on personal selling in business marketing. Direct communication between buyer and seller; also increase the need for strong personal selling, because someone is needed to coordinate that communication. Salespeople are the members of the organization responsible for coordinating their company's effort at satisfying their customers. That responsibility is greater when the organization is concern about creating and maintaining partnership with its customers.Complex buying procedures involving many members of the buying organization also require personal selling. Only through personally getting to know each individual and coordinating the sales-purchase process can a business be successful. Multiple personal relationships can strengthen organizational relationships, and these relationships are the responsibility of the salesperson. (Rust)One unique aspect of B2B marketing is how the internet and a company's website are used. The internet and/or...

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B2C and B2B Supply Chain Differences

1206 words - 5 pages , transactions made on B2B sites require more negotiations and bargaining with each other. Thus the strategies used on B2B sites are more often not suited to be used on a B2C site (Vista Consulting, 2006).It is important that even though B2B and B2C are forms of marketing they still have their own set of differences which would make us better off if only notice how important those differences are. It is a completely different thing to buy something for

Differences between B2B and B2C Essay

900 words - 4 pages the customers are not well informed. Studies reveal that B2B activities benefit from marketing activities. The marketing activities act as a guide in making important decisions. This means that marketing activities are thoroughly evaluated to ensure that important data is used as a guide in the decision-making process. On the other hand, marketing does not benefit customers in the case of B2C. The reason is that individuals take no time to

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593 words - 2 pages . According to a John M. Coe's article, there are seven key differences between B2B and B2C from a marketing perception. These differences include the size of the market, the buying and selling process, the cost and value of the sale, data quality as well as lead generation vs. sale (Coe, 2001).Another difference I found between the two is that B2B is actually larger and growing faster than B2C. According to Dholakia, an estimate was done on the two

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717 words - 3 pages As stated in earlier papers, the main difference between B2B sites and B2C sites is the customer that the site is serving. B2B sites are companies dealing with other companies and B2C sites are selling products or services to consumers directly via their web site. Every company needs to deal with legal, ethical and regulatory issues every day in normal business activities, but there are a whole new set of issues that come up with so much

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1374 words - 5 pages directed marketing and ordering via call centers or online, in an environment where the customer can pay immediately and have the order shipped via any method available.B2B supply chain management is somewhat more complicated than B2C. B2B E-commerce is classified into three traditional categories: horizontal, vertical and exchange (Malmberg, 2003). Horizontal offers multiple product categories from multiple suppliers, meaning that companies can

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885 words - 4 pages ñías que hacen negocios en B2B. Estos se dejan llevar por lo que es más costo efectivo para ellos. La compra al final se hace pensando en lo que le conviene a la compañía y no en otros aspectos como en B2C.ReferenciasMorva, Thomas. (2007). B2B Versus B2C Marketing. EzineArticles, (), . Retrieved August 30, 2008, from database.Murphy Debra , (). Marketing for B2B vs. B2C - Similar but Different. Vista Consulting. Retrieved September 1, 2008, from

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819 words - 3 pages PAGE PAGE 4 Ethical Legal and Regulatory Issues Paper Ethical Legal and Regulatory Issues PaperSegún señalado en ensayos anteriores, las principales diferencia entre las paginas de Internet B2B y B2C son los clientes a quien se dirigen estas entidades. Los sitios B2B son empresas que tratan con otras empresas y los B2C venden productos o servicios directamente a los consumidores través de su sitio Web. Toda compa&ntilde

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1471 words - 6 pages sales of a B2C. A B2C is more dependent on branding and establishing a solid reputation that is favored in the consumer eye. Companies such as GE, Honda and Sony have positioned themselves in their respected markets as offering solid products to consumers. However, in a B2B environment branding is not as apparent for raw materials that may be needed to make a plastic spoon.A B2C has increased marketing options available to them than a B2B does. B2C

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739 words - 3 pages A successful business knows that marketing is everything. Whether the business is a traditional brick and mortar, a Business to Consumer (B2C), or a Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce site a company’s ability to effectively market its products or services can mean the difference between success and failure. This paper will compare and contrast the types of marketing strategies of B2B and B2C’s as examined in this class.Business to

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968 words - 4 pages site (, 2008).Business-to-business (B2B) is the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers, or e-commerce between businesses.Business-to-Consumer (B2C) is mainly retail marketing on the Internet. Business-to-Consumer is the method that online businesses use to sell their products directly to consumers.ComparisonHowever, several differences in how the value chain strategy

Supply Chain B2B Website Compared to B2C

968 words - 4 pages site (, 2008).Business-to-business (B2B) is the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers, or e-commerce between businesses.Business-to-Consumer (B2C) is mainly retail marketing on the Internet. Business-to-Consumer is the method that online businesses use to sell their products directly to consumers.ComparisonHowever, several differences in how the value chain strategy

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772 words - 3 pages IntroductionIn order to carry out a comparative analysis it is important to determine where in the supply chain B2B marketing ends and B2C marketing begins. The simplest approach would define B2C marketing as all activities accomplished by the organization selling goods or services to the consumer. A more sophisticated approach would make the separation earlier. When the product is already manufactured marketing activities would be defined as

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1029 words - 4 pages Marketing Strategies for B2B & B2C PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 B2B + B2C Marketing Strategies for (FreshDirect & SYSCO)IntroductionThere are several differences with Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) organizations, and this is no excection when it comes to marketing with either one. B2B and B2C companies have different approaches in how they deal with their customers and also in their selling cycles. In

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833 words - 3 pages PAGE PAGE 1 Marketing Paper Marketing PaperEl mercadeo que se utiliza de negocio-a-negocio (B2B) y que se utiliza en empresa a consumidor (B2C) son similares similar pero tienen sus diferencias. A pesar de que ambas empresas operan en el mismo entorno, la diferencias en el mensaje de mercadeo pueden ser muy distinta. En este ensayo analizare el mercadeo, sus diferencias y las similitudes que pueden existir entre las entidades B2B y B2C.Los