Marketing Brief Plan International Because I’m A Girl Campaign Global Marketing Assignment

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Table of Contents
Plan “Because I’m a girl” campaign 2
A. Individual report 3
I. Background 3
II. What is the solution? 3
III. What is the plan doing to help girls? 3
III. The Creative Challenge 4
IV. Target audience 5
V. Brand Essence 5
VI. Brand values 5
B. Individual reflection 6
Reference: 7

A. Individual report
I. Background

Nowadays, it can be clearly seen that there was a growing realization among society of the important role of women. Despite this, the fact has shown that girls, being regarded as immature ones, are facing extremely difficult challenges that prevent them from fulfilling their best. One of three girls is not receiving education as a fundamental base, leading to their disability to take control of their own lives. Discrimination, poverty and violence are some of the most significant problems raised. Obviously, girls separated from their own benefits will restrict their capacity to do things that they are naturally born to do well, which is a waste of potential labor force and knowledge.

As a development and humanitarian organization over the past 75 years, we constantly stand for the gender equality and seek the justification for the disabled girls around the world.

This plan is a brief content serving as global children’s charity. Based on our long-term researches and processes of working with most children over the globe, our organization strongly believe that we can ring the bell called “awareness” globally, uphold the right for girls, and most critically, provide them with future opportunities.
II. What is the solution?

Girls in this plan is seen as the center of society improvements. As they grow and actually become a woman, they would act as a change agent for almost every faces, namely economic, social and political development (Tembon and Fort, 2008). Hence, the problem here is to guide them to grow and perceive properly. Obviously, the best solution to this is education. Building educational-basis rapport is one of the best investments to focus on as it enhances both skills and knowledges of the girls. With the right support and educational orientation, girls are definitely able to be self-controlled and be a critical force for a critical change.

The benefits that a high quality education can serve are shown as below:
· Not suffer from severe physical and mental disorders resulted from being forced to marry early, missing from schools and suffering from violence.
· Approach more chances of becoming more literate and physically healthy, creating a sustainable foundation for their following generations to develop.
· Be able to help their families flee from financial burdens, subsequently invest in the community and the whole country.
· Fully aware of own rights and willing to stand up against disadvantages.

In general, education will transform their old defined future, unleash the potential power of girls and help them to make a revolution of poverty-change.
III. What is...

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