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1 (Satisfying, Paintball Junkies)My friend Rey De Vera, a new paintball supply retailer and proprietor of 511 Paintball in Montclair, didn't have enough capital to make huge investment in buying large amounts of product to stuff his shelves to sell. In particular he was looking for a paintball equipment manufacturer who can make paintball products easily available and at the lowest cost. He made contracts with Paintball Junkie's to be the manufacturer's retailer. In his contract with Paintball Junkie's the condition of selling their brand of products was that he sell a quota or minimum number of their product a week to maintain their business relationship as supplier and retailer. This saved him money and also gave him the flexibility of having not to be financially tied down to any one manufacturer's product made him as a new retailer focus on the business of selling. Paintball Junkies, a manufacturer of high quality paintball storage pods that held the paintballs like a cartridge does bullets and also of the 12x12 storage pod holders that professional tournament players around the world used for their ability to hold significantly more pods than their competitors. This is an example of trying to affect the marketing mix by effecting the distribution by obtaining shelf space for new products; gaining the cooperation of retailers and also effecting seeking distribution outlets in new markets; finding distribution partners.2(Dissatisfying, National Paintball Supply)Rey De Vera also looked to National Paintball Supply to be his paintball supply wholesaler. National Paintball Supply's Marketing strategy was to target the new and up and coming paintball supply retailers who had little cash to spend on high priced equipment to stuff their shelves. This is evidenced by the fact that in most paintball publications like Splat, Paintball2Xtreme, and Action Sports Games that their advertisements readily show a supply of their products they sell with a number encouraging entrepreneurs to call them. Their advertisements are meant to entice entrepreneurs into thinking how easy it could be to own a large amount of equipment. But it lacks the clarity with regard to the name brands they do sell. In the printed ads in the magazines they should the logos blurred, out of focus, or so panoramic that it's only intended effect was to show the large amounts of equipment to be had a small price. Only after my friends initial order of supply did he recognize that all the major brand names were not listed. He stopped doing business with NPS after that first order and started making deals with the individual manufacturers after that. This was an illustration of a dissatisfied customer, because of a company's promotional efforts in effecting the marketing mix by target advertising to small entrepreneurs by furthering the business unit strategy of market penetration hides the fact that they carry inferior brands.3(Dissatisfying, PC Club)PC Club advertised in Nov 98 issue of...

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Information Portfolio- Secondary information collected and gathered for analysis (good or bad) to identify the concepts of sports marketing.

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1037 words - 4 pages customers. In this way customers feel more self-confident with the company they are doing business with. Understanding value in business is the essence of customer value management. It is also good for delivering superior values and obtain an equitable return for it. Now are you ready to choose your car's vendor.BIBLIOGRAPHY Harvard Business Review, Business Marketing, November/December 1998.

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5609 words - 22 pages 'bottom line'. Business plans written at business unit or departmental level do not generally include financial data outside the department concerned. Most business plans are in effect sales plans or marketing plans or departmental plans, which form the main bias of this guide.Table of Contents1.Introduction…………………………………………&hellip

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1198 words - 5 pages number of core marketing concepts, namely needs, wants, values, exchange and transactions. Even though marketing is time consuming and increases the costs incurred by an organisation, it yields a number of significant advantages. Marketing practices help in achieving the recognition and attention of your previously identified market segments or of other parts of the market. In addition, marketing aims to increase profits through an increase

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1460 words - 6 pages ; Government: influences of regulations and policies regarding marketing.Developing marketing strategiesMarket segmentation and product differentiation· Mass markets: large demand for undifferentiated products meat, petrol, vegetables and other commodities.· Concentrated markets: Single market segments selected from a wider market. Business is able to service needs of customers more precisely in terms of price, product specifications

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4853 words - 19 pages and use frequently. Business often uses strategic concepts that are now a well-established kit to evaluate and develop a marketing strategy.MANAGEMENT SUMMARYThe opening management team of "WHATSNEW.COM" consist of five full time employees and 5 working staff. As the company grows, gradual investments in the instructional staff will be made over the next 3 years - beginning from October 2008.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREWe need an agile organizational

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