Marketing C212 Retail Store Marketing Proposal

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Orange Kingdom is a clothing retail store owned by Between, Inc. It is differentiated from its family brands such as Between and Old Marine, as it gives an upscale image compared to the other two brands, and targets young professional population aged mid twenties to mid thirties both men and women. It provides mid-scale work-to-play casual and business apparel, accessories, and shoes through about 500 stores including factory stores in the United States. It is also gaining market share in Asia, South America, and Europe as well. In this marketing proposal, I would like to discuss three service options to retain and acquire customers.

Styling Consultation

People have tendency of buying “sets.” When you go to furniture stores, they already have matching sets that are already combined for you so that you do not have to work hard to make them look nice together. Clothing stores have the same strategy through window displays. A lot of people purchase clothes as the display mannequins dressed. It is harder to mix and match the items or find something else to go with a specific item. Also every person has different skin tone, which makes the color combination of clothing a bit of a challenge. Hence, providing styling consult service at a store will be beneficial to acquire new customers.

Alteration Service
I grew up in Korea. As you can imagine, most of population in Korea have smaller physique than most of people here in the United States. I am not as petite as general population, so I had to get my clothes altered every time I shopped. The most impressive service the stores in Korea offer is alteration service. It is one way to have factory made clothing to be felt as tailored clothing. In the end, everyone has different body type.
Enhancing Online Shopping Experience
As technology develops, online shopping is growing bigger and its online profit margin is becoming larger. For this growing population, we can track the merchandises and find out what kind of items the customers spend money on. We gather the data and analyze the pattern and what style the customer is looking for. We send e-mails to the customers when getting new items that fit the customer’s dress preference with style suggestions.

The background that I consider the options above will be advantageous is following:
Pinterest, Polyvore, and
Can you tell the common ground of the three mentioned? They are websites that provide a lot of styling tips and give ideas how to coordinate clothing items you have. Without doubt, they are one of the top destinations for so-called younger professional generation. People have tendency to look nice, express themselves at the same time. The fashion as a whole is universal, and it influences and is influenced by all ages, genders, races, culture, politics, even science. Everyone has to wear clothes after all.
And there is Stitch Fix. Its slogan is “For busy women on the...

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