Marketing Plan For A Start Up Business. College Junior Level Marketing Class.

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I. Executive Summary - Mountain Mudd is an exclusive purveyor of coffee in South Dakota. With a franchise location located at Ellsworth Air Force Base in the Base Exchange parking lot. We serve a wide variety of coffee and frozen coffee beverages. Mountain Mudd has been in operation since December 2001. Its average sales are $300-$400 per day. This marketing plan covers how to increase and maintain a constant sales rate of $400 per day. Mountain Mudd currently operates Monday-Saturday 6am-5pm. Plans include, increasing hours of operation to serve customers that visit the Education Center until 11pm Monday-Thursday. Mountain Mudd does not entertain any comparable competition within 10 miles. We plan to have all equipment in good standing operation and employ a part-time handyman to service any malfunctioning equipment to serve all of our customers needs. We do not plan on increasing prices, as current prices are in-line with the market. We currently have three employees and plan to hire one more to cover evening shifts. All supplies will be stocked on a weekly basis, as compared to the bi-weekly basis currently. We plan to utilize the services of UPS to replenish low stock on a weekly basis as compared to the monthly stock we receive now. We will not turn any customer away because we are out of a certain supply. The only major modifications being made to our current marketing plan is how stock and supplies are replenished. Minor modifications are being made to operating hours and training procedures.II. Environmental Analysisa. The marketing environment1. Competitive Forces-Our major competitor is AAFES Shoppette. They offer more services at one site than Mountain Mudd. They do not offer quality coffee at their site, rather convenience coffee from a drip pot. Their strengths include; longer operating hours, lower prices, and more products offered in one stop. Their weaknesses include; a low quality coffee product, little choice as to various flavors of coffee, and they do not offer Granita. We expect AAFES to do nothing to measure to our standards since they are not purveyors of coffee. The industry is structured in a unique way that the more competition the better. This is so due to being a convenience impulse item. If a customer has to wait in line a drive-thru they will be more inclined to stop at the next coffee stand on the way to their destination. As Ellsworth AFB will not allow anymore drive-thru coffee stands, we do not foresee any new competitive forces.2. Economic Forces-The local economy is generally stable and steadily growing. Our customers are spending more, as recent trends show, due to high number of deployed service members. More customers are relying on convenience and comfort food and beverages. In general, our customers are optimistic about the economy. Consumers in the local area are spending more as families of deployed service members are generating more revenue. Recent trends show consumers buying more of our product since...

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