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Marketing Plan What's For Dinner

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Executive SummaryWhat's For Dinner? will provide healthy and delicious solutions to that age old question...What's For Dinner? The mission of What's For Dinner? is to provide high quality food at reasonable prices to service busy households.What's for Dinner? is a home catering service that will provide a hot, home cooked nutritional meal that is delivered or picked up at our Farmington Hills location. What's for Dinner? offers a large selection of entrees, side dishes, salads and desserts that appeal to all of our customers.What's for Dinner? has two chefs, one delivery truck with two delivery drivers and two staff persons. The chefs are certified in Asian, Indian, Italian and Caribbean cooking as well as the traditional meals. If a customer has an old family recipe, they can provide us with the recipe and we will prepare the food within 72 hours. What's for Dinner? will also provide the option for our customers to request foods to be prepared using organic ingredients as well as having the traditional meals prepared with a variety of ingredients.What's for Dinner? will focus on poor eating habits and the necessity to educate consumers to eat healthier. What's for Dinner? will provide healthy alternatives to processed and packaged foods by daily preparing meals made with the freshest ingredients.Our meals are priced from $6.99 to $8.99 to compete with family restaurants like Boston Market or Old Country Buffet. What's for Dinner? allows customers to submit meal preferences through our interactive website at www.whatsfordinner?.com. Same day orders are taken until 10 am; our mouth watering meals are affordable, convenient and made your way.Environmental AnalysisExternal Environmental FactorsWhat's For Dinner? faces heavy competition from many areas. Obvious competition includes fast food restaurants and mid-priced chains like Chili's or Applebees. Additional competition was found in local grocery stores as grocers' now compete for consumers in the "hot food to go" business. In addition to the standard TV dinners offered in your grocer's freezer, consumers can purchase hot food like whole rotisserie chickens. For example, Kroger's sells whole chickens, hot and ready to be eaten, right in the check-out lanes during afternoon and evening hours.Boston Market is the fast-food chain that is our biggest competitor. The concept behind Boston Market is to solve the common problem that families face every day in deciding what will be prepared for dinner. Boston Market is actually a subsidiary of the McDonald's Corporation, which means it has access to millions of dollars that can be used for promotion activities. In addition to humorous commercials that reflect society's busy lifestyles, Boston Market regularly offers coupons in the weekly circulars. However, Boston Market has limited menu options. All of the family style dinners are based around the same four meats: rotisserie or grilled chicken, meat loaf, turkey or ham. What's For Dinner? will have a...

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