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Marketing Campain Full Pizza Essay

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Ai Vy BME Task 2 Option 3
Table of content2Business Overview 2Market Overview 3Business's logo 3Customer information 5Family size 6Money usage pattern 6Leisure time habit 6Eating pizza behaviour 9Psychological factors 9Social class 10Life styles 10Associative customers: 10Aspirational customers 10Media used 15Market information 15Industry information 16The business's position 17The Business's products 17Objectives Strategy…………………………………………………………………………… 1818Product 18Product's name 19Design features 19Benefits 19Packaging 20Customer service and delivery 20Price 21Place 21Promotion 22Competitive advantage of the new products 22Slogan: 22The smells enchanter!!! 23Advertising 24Why the campaign will be successful 26SWOT analysis of the new products 26Budget 29Action Plan 30Bibliography Business Overview"Smelly Pizza" is the new business in developing cities in Viet Nam that aimed for Pizza lover and food lover, who are seeking for an affordable price for a new floured pizza of their own choice. Since Fast food becomes a popular place for a meal in the cities, the business's founder would like to take risk to enter the market with a good pricing strategy that might be a good competitive advantage for the business compare to others. Adding the economy meal in the menu with another promotion plus discounting campaigns would leads to more customers due to an affordable meal for them.Market OverviewVietnam is a growing market for business, as Vietnam GDP grows both urban and rural area in 2010 (5.5%); as predicted, the GDP rate will increase in the coming years (Nielsen: Personal Finance Monitor, Midyear 2010). Vietnam is also known as having the second-highest consumer confidence index, according to Nielsen (Nielsen: Personal Finance Monitor, Midyear 2010); this is a positive sign for business. There is also a positive respond from Vietnamese business leaders as the expectation for business growths are high (Nielsen: Personal Finance Monitor, Midyear 2010).Business's logoThe business's logo consists of 3 color which is red, green and tan.Tan is the color which represents the color of the pizza while red stands for the color of ketchup. Green is the colour that is used to emphasis the above 2 colors.The design is simple and somehow humor due to the name of the business and the green color. Smelly pizza might seems lie the pizza is smelly which is a bad smell but it could also mean it is a tasty pizza smell. I choose this logo because it might impress the customers or anyone who first saw the logo of the business. By being impress of the logo, it would make the customers to remember and recognized the business also plus using the logo is somehow fit with the business new product: providing a new kind of pizza and a new pizza tastes and smell.Customer...

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