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By 2001 Subway, reaches 15,000 restaurants worldwide. Subway celebrates the opening of the 100th location in Puerto Rico, the 300th restaurant in Australia and the 1,000th international unit. The 50th restaurant opens in Venezuela and the United Kingdom. The first restaurant opens in France, Oman and Croatia. Subway is named "number one" franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine, winner of the gold award for the sandwich category in the Restaurants and Institutions Choice in Chains Award and receives the Menu Masters Award for best menu/line extension from Nation's Restaurant News .Subway restaurants central issue is to provide the tools and knowledge to allow franchisers to successfully compete in the Fast-Food and Drive-In Restaurants industry worldwide by consistently offering value to consumers through providing great fresh tasting food made the way they like it. And to maintain Fred DeLuca's (founder of Subway 1965) goal to increase average sales volume per store while decreasing operational costs.There are various important aspect for consideration to maintain the success Subway has. This aspect includes advertising, positioning, expansion to global market, to adapt it to any location, and to be ranked the number one restaurant by consumers and number one in restaurant count in every market that we serve.Subway Restaurants current marketing goal is to dimensionalize the Subway brand through emphasizing "fresh made" and using the core attributes of taste and health/low fat. By building a consistent brand message through all communication, which plays an important part in the success of any business, will increase the brand presence and target consumers from the ages 18-49. This is done by continuing to build the brand on the "freshness" platform. This positioning, communicated via an effective advertising campaign, will serve to make Subway a good choice for a place for tasty and healthy food. The majority of the advertising is done via national TV during prime time, sports and late programming on major broadcast networks and cable networks. Additional advertising is done via...

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