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Marketing Channel Essay University Of Sydney Essay

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The channel is very important component because a channel is not easy to be copied by competitors. And the channel is the key for business to gain a differential advantage in the market place. The channel divided into two sections, online and offline. The online channel are consistent of university’s website, self-owned website, Facebook, Wechat and twitter. Universities’ student centers are the off line channel member for students who seek for off line assistant. Channel is important to business ability to provide customer value proposition. The online channels provide conveniences and good customer services to all students. All universality’s students are able to find information and services at anytime through the online channel business offered. Wechat is the most popular social media in china. Wechat is important channel as Chinese student is the biggest proportion of international students. Then student centers are always located inside the universities. Therefore it is easy for student who want to access to the off line channel. University’s student centers have the experience of serving student. Student centers understand what services student need. Student center are professional of giving proposal to students. Therefore, university’s student centers are able to provide student with good services by allocating the best-fit services to students.
Channel is essential for the feasibility of the business...

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