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TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 Executive Summary 12.0 Situation Analysis 22.1 Market Summary 22.1.1 Market Demographics 22.1.2 Market Needs 32.1.3 Market Trends 32.1.4 Market Growth 32.2 SWOT Analysis 42.2.1 Strengths 42.2.2 Weaknesses 42.2.3 Opportunities 52.2.4 Threats 52.3 Competition 52.4 Product Offering 52.5 Keys to Success 52.6 Critical Issues 62.7 Historical Results 62.8 Macro environment 63.0 Marketing Strategy 63.1 Mission 73.2 Marketing Objectives 73.3 Financial Objectives 73.4 Target Markets 73.5 Positioning 83.6 Strategies 83.7 Marketing Mix 83.7.1 Product Marketing 83.7.2 Price 83.7.3 Promotion 83.7.4 Service 83.8 Marketing Research 94.0 Financials 94.1 Break-Even Analysis 94.2 Sales Forecast 94.2.1 Sales Breakdown ?Mail, Web Direct Sales and Convention Participation 104.2.2 Sales Breakdown ?Second Contact 104.2.3 Sales Breakdown ?Tertiary Contact 104.2.4 Sales Breakdown ?Fourth Contact 104.3 Expense Forecast 104.4 Contribution Margins 115.0 Controls 115.1 Implementation 115.2 Marketing Organization 115.3 Contingency Planning 125.4 Final Statement 12Works Cited 131.0 Executive SummaryThis marketing plan lays the groundwork for an ambitious road map that will allow the city of Colorado Springs, and its businesses, to thrive and remain competitive in today global market. The focus of this plan will entail growth industries that include the following:?nbsp; Computer technologies and data centric businesses?nbsp; Bio-technical sciences?nbsp; Department of Defense contracting companies?nbsp; Telecommunications and broadband services?nbsp; Hotel and hospitality industries?nbsp; Leisure, entertainment, and tourism endeavorsBy utilizing a non-profit business model we focus our efforts toward recruiting businesses to base themselves, both headquarters and satellite offices, in Colorado Springs. We've established our commitment on the availability of office space in the downtown area and surrounding suburbs; lower rents and a comfortable housing market; a lower tax base coupled with an awarding winning public educational system; and lastly, an experienced pool of highly trained workers. Our secondary goal is to improve the local economy by increasing the median income, bolstering the city and county tax revenue, lowering the overall unemployment rate, and providing a safe and secure environment for families to raise their families. During the course of our tenure we've discovered other benefits that remain attractive to businesses; a very fair and mild climate that offers four distinct seasons and when added to the proximity of outdoor recreation areas, provides year-round leisure and sport activities sought after by today younger family. This plan will further investigate the methods used to attain all goals. The primary vehicles planned for use include, but are not limited to:?nbsp; A national TV and radio advertising campaign utilizing Public ServiceAnnouncements (PSA) and grant funding?nbsp; Continued use of internet technologies?nbsp; Mass...

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