Marketing Communication Audit: The Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad

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Marketing is a process of creating or fulfilled customer needs by providing goods or services (Harrogate Borough Council, 2012). Whereas, communications in a marketing world is the process that organization and its audience are connected with each other (Harrogate Borough Council, 2012). Marketing communications is a management method through which an organisation enlists with its diverse assemblies whereby organisation must know how to present messages for their recognised stakeholder assemblies by comprehending an audience’s communications natural environment, before evaluating and acting upon the responses (Fill, C. & Jamieson, B., 2011). Therefore, one should have the ability to critically evaluate the trading connection strategies adopted by an organisation in order to comprehend more about the trading connection (Fill, C., 2002) in a marketing communication world.

The chosen organization that will be discussed for this assignment is the Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad. The main reason this organisation is been chosen is because Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad is one of the successful and highest integrated buyer media entertainment group in Malaysia and also in Southeast Asia. Thus, auditing the marketing communication tools that are being used by Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad are needed to accessed the effectiveness of the marketing communication.

‘Astro’ is the brand name for the Malaysian direct broadcast satellite (DBS). The name Astro resemble as ‘All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator’. Astro have the capabilities to transmit digital satellite TV and radio to every household in Malaysia and including Brunei. Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd also has operations at All Asia Broadcast Centre which are located in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and also Measat in Cyberjaya.

Figure 1 Astro logo

Figure 1 is the image of Astro logo brand where it is significance to help the reader identify the brand. In addition, Astro Radio incorporates Malaysia’s highest ranked positions over key languages and is accessible on both terrestrial and digital channels (Measat Broadcast Network, 2012). Besides that, Astro was recently awarded as the “Best Community Programme Award, 2014” category at Bali, Indonesia and was selected as the ‘Brand of the Year’ awards in year of 2013. These awards are in recognition of Astro’s endeavours to exemplify innovation, value and strong corporate social responsibilities (Measat Broadcast Network, 2012).


A creative strategy can be defines as the significant technique choices that are needed to develop a marketing message. The creative strategy characterizes what the organisation will talk about their item or services in a unique way but easily comprehend by the audiences. It illustrates the way the organisation introduced their Brand to their target audiences (Urban Wallace Associates, 2005).

2.1 InteractiveTV

There are many creative strategies that can be seen through...

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