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Marketing Communication Campaign Of A Fictitious Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

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Environmental awarenessOur world is becoming increasingly concerned with environmental issues, especially since the 1980s. In a National Opinion Polls survey taken in 1989 for the Department of the Environment there seems to be a "sudden increase in concern" between 1986 and 1989. The increase was from 8% to 30% of respondents who seem to worry about pollution and other environmental issues, viewing them as urgent matters the government should be dealing with (MacKenzie, 1991). This is also reflected in market research conducted by MKMV agency (Appendix 1) in Loughborough town (Appendix 2). Environmental issues include energy use, air and water pollution, waste, nuclear issues, the ozone and global warming, genetic engineering, and intensive farming. Ways to combat some of these have been reinforced by various governments via legislation (Envirowise 'legislation', 2009). Legal restrictions include air, water and noise pollution policies, and overall resource and energy efficiency. Sustainability has become a key issue worldwide.Companies also have specific regulations on environmental issues which are incorporated into their business plans and strategies through corporate and social responsibility (CSR), as well as social and sustainable development policies (Solomon et al, 2006) (Slack et al, 2007). This is taken seriously by consumers since 70% consider a company's activities when purchasing a product or service as a Europe wide survey in consumer attitudes illustrated in 2007 (Jobber, 2007).However, it is important to realise that it is not only companies that are responsible for high levels of pollution or any other kind of environmental damage. Each individual can contribute to help protect our surroundings, by simple actions such as recycling, thoughtful energy consumption and even food preferences. However, people see these issues and thus their responsibility and role in society very differently across countries (Jacobsen & Dulsrud, 2007). A study on trust in food showed such differences in Europe, concerning peoples' views of their consumer sovereignty; in UK people thought that their consumer choices mattered compared to Norway (Kjaernes et al., 2007). Lately, consumers who make their purchase choices based on their personal values or social norms, such as human rights. These are becoming known as "political consumers", since through their behaviours they support companies which enhance such actions (Solomon et al, 2006:606).The Food IndustryThe food industry including restaurants, food manufacturers and retailers have also been taking environmental and ethical concerns seriously. They do this in varying ways and concentrate on different aspects. For example in supermarkets extensive space is devoted to environmental friendly food, which is also ethically produced, whilst in restaurants the ingredients may be locally sourced or free range. Overall, operations now use more sustainable packaging, and try to be more efficient (Ethical...

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