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Marketing Costco Wholesale Club Essay

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MarketingCostco Wholesale ClubTable of ContentsMission Statement...............................1Executive Summary..............................2Current Situation.................................3Competition and Issue Analysis................4Marketing objectives and Strategies.............5Sales Plan...........................................6Promotional Pieces................................71Costco Wholesale Club Mission Statement:Costco Wholesale Club has teamed with quality services offering members' substantial savings on a variety of services for your home and any types of businesses. Not only is Costco here for savings, but also to honor and give complete member satisfaction.Listed are the following principles that Costco adheres to:Respect our VendorsRespect our employeesTake care of our shareholdersGive 100% satisfaction guarantee on membership and merchandiseObey the law2Executive SummaryEstablished in the 1980's, Costco Wholesale Club was set out to help people save money. Costco buys its merchandise in bulk so it affiliates lower prices for members. Costco is confident that members will be pleased when they join. The warehouses offer a wide array of top-quality products available from around the world. The merchandise and service presentation is the value that Costco provides to its members. Costco is so proud of the quality and value of its products, that it offers members an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction on very single item Costco sells. If a member is unhappy for any reason at all, Costco will cheerfully refund your money.In addition to offering low prices on top quality goods and a variety of convenient services, Costco strives to be a valuable asset to every community where it does business. This means Costco provides good jobs at good pay, being involved in community activities and charities, contributing to local tax revenues, offering a profitable business opportunity to our suppliers and, most importantly, taking care of our members.All the Costco warehouses have a designated marketing team that pushes the Costco world to people. These marketers are, in a way, the backbone to Costco. They promote Costco so we can obtain a larger consumer. The structure of the marketing objectives is clear. It is to basically reach for a larger member base, enforce its popularity, gain even better member service and produce more warehouses.With the marketing team pushing to make Costco even better, strategies need to be formed to accomplish such a task. The whole idea of "member satisfaction" in Costco is what is valued most. With monthly meetings for the management staff in the warehouses, and gaining knowledge of other warehouses and stores that are, in any way, a competition, will better Costco.3Current SituationCurrently, there are 430 Costco warehouses worldwide (U.S.A- 318 locations, Canada- 62 locations, Japan- 4 locations, South Korea -5 locations, Taiwan- 3 locations, United Kingdom- 15 locations and Mexico-23 locations). As...

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