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Marketing can be a noun or a verb. Whether you see marketing as a noun or a verb depends on your perspective. This paper will define marketing from several sources, as well as give three examples of marketing as it relates to organizational success.Marketing is different things to different people. The authors of the Preemptinc website define marketing as "the means to make a communication about a product or service a purpose of which is to encourage recipients of the communication to purchase or use the product or service" ( Oxford English Dictionary defines marketing as, "The action or business of bringing or sending a product or commodity to market; (now chiefly, Business) the action, business, or process of promoting and selling a product, etc., including market research, advertising, and distribution" (Oxford English Dictionary, retrieved February 23, 2006). Our textbook, Marketing: An Introduction defines marketing as "marketing is building profitable customer relationships" (Armstrong & Kotler, 2005, pg 3).The common thread in the three marketing definitions is communication. Marketing is essential for an organization's success. Marketing as defined earlier is "building profitable customer relationships". Without a relationship with customers, a business is not needed. "The thing that drives everything is creating genuine value for customers," says founder Jeff Bezos. "Nothing happens without that." (Armstrong & Kotler, 2005, pg 4)."Too often novice marketers, even marketing veterans, make costly mistakes that result in poor performance of their marketing campaign. Common marketing mistakes can be avoided with adequate planning, attention to detail, and ongoing measurement and evaluation" ( example of an organization not having success with a marketing campaign is IBM. In 2001 IBM created a marketing campaign stressing IBM's commitment to the Linux operating system. To bring the campaign to the public, IBM used a gurella marketing campaign in San Francisco and Chicago. The campaign involved stenciling "Love, Peace, Linux" symbols onto the city streets but no reference to IBM. In the two cities, the marketing campaign was stopped but not before one individual was arrested. "In the zeal to appear cool, IBM gave itself a black eye. Guerilla marketing can be successful...

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927 words - 4 pages best reflects marketing in today's environment. Through looking at the 1935 and 1985 AMA's definitions plus the 2004 article definition it is clear that they are not suitable for today's time.The American Marketing Association (1935), first defined 'marketing as the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers' (Darroch, Miles, Jardine, Cooke 2004 pg. 31). This first official definition

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585 words - 2 pages Marketing can be defined in many different ways; however it generally has the same roundabout meaning and evolves with the changing ways of business. I for one, define marketing as the decisions and actions taken to get your business name and what you do, or your product out to your target audience. The American Marketing Association released their new definition of marketing in August of 2004 as, "marketing is an organizational function and a

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743 words - 3 pages marketing conceptThe marketing holds that achieving organizational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do.The marketing concept starts with a well defined market, focuses on customer needs and integrates all the marketing activities that affect customers.This concept is consumer-oriented, market-driven, value-driven, integrated


743 words - 3 pages marketing conceptThe marketing holds that achieving organizational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do.The marketing concept starts with a well defined market, focuses on customer needs and integrates all the marketing activities that affect customers.This concept is consumer-oriented, market-driven, value-driven, integrated

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