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IntroductionIn an increasingly globalized market, the intensification of market competition between organizations, companies need to create efficient strategies to differentiate their products and services, giving them characteristics that can raise their grades before the supply of competitors. From this perspective, the provision of customer value is an important element of business support. The challenge for all organizations is precisely to identify what creates value for its customers and act to generate it. According to Lamb, Jr. et al. (2004), it is the customer who defines what are the value and not the company. Wooddruff (1997) believes that delivering value to consumers of a company is a solid pillar for the acquisition of competitive advantages.This paper will evaluate topic such services marketing, relationship marketing and co-creation of value and it will demonstrate some of practical management examples on the marketing perspective. The article also intends to provide a methodology for the identification of perceived value, as well as a description marketing applications of the same.Generation of customer valueAccording to Toledo (2009), for economists, the greatest value it is in the best product, while that for the market professional, delivering the best total to the customer is the component with the highest valuation. In this latter case, the marketing mix should be balanced between these two factors, in order to provide consumers with better benefits and advantages. Corroborating to this idea, Churchill and Peter (2000, p.13) indicate that the value is the "difference between customer perceptions about the benefits and the costs of buying and using products and services".This perception is responsible for the fact that the offerings of a company considered to be more or less considered by the client. According to these authors, the benefits that the company provides its customers are classified into:Functional benefits, they are directly related to the use of products (goods and services), such as comfort, security and quality.Social benefits, referring to acceptance of other public when a consumer uses a product, brand, technology, among other attributes;Personal benefits, which relate to psychological aspects of the buyer, such as security, tranquility, and welfare when purchasing products;Experimental benefits, which refer to the "sensory pleasure" of customers in the acquisition of certain products, for example, a long desired vacation.But in the process of value generation, count, apart from offering the benefits mentioned, two other important factors for successful business sales Porter (2008).Reducing the cost of the buyer, resulting in product with more competitive prices;Monitoring the evolution of its performance in the knowledge of what really matters to the customer it will sustain the supply of goods and different services.Lamb Jr. et al (2004) point out that the benefit / effort of attention is established by...

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