Marketing Ethics Essay

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Enterprise Pillar
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E1 - Enterprise Operations
25 May 2010 - Tuesday Morning Session Instructions to candidates
You are allowed three hours to answer this question paper.
You are allowed 20 minutes reading time before the examination begins during which you should read the question paper and, if you wish, highlight and/or make notes on the question paper. However, you will not be allowed, under any circumstances, to open the answer book and start writing or use your calculator during the reading time.
You are strongly advised to carefully read ALL the question requirements before attempting the question concerned (that is all parts and/or sub- questions). The requirements for questions 3 and 4 are highlighted in a dotted box.
ALL answers must be written in the answer book. Answers or notes written on the question paper will not be submitted for marking.
Section A comprises 10 sub-questions and is on pages 2 to 4.
Section B comprises 6 sub-questions and is on page 5.
Section C comprises 2 questions and is on pages 6 and 7.
The list of verbs as published in the syllabus is given for reference on page 11.
Write your candidate number, the paper number and examination subject title in the spaces provided on the front of the answer book. Also write your contact ID and name in the space provided in the right hand margin and seal to close.
Tick the appropriate boxes on the front of the answer book to indicate the questions you have answered.
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SECTION A - 20 MARKS [the indicative time for answering this section is 36 minutes] ANSWER ALL TEN SUB-QUESTIONS
Instructions for answering Section A The answers to the ten sub-questions in Section A should ALL be written in your answer book. Your answers should be clearly numbered with the sub-question number and ruled off so the markers know which sub-question you are answering. For multiple choice questions you need only write the sub-question number and the answer option you have chosen. You do not need to start a new page for each sub-question. Each of the sub-questions numbered from 1.1 to 1.10 inclusive, given below, has only ONE correct answer. Each is worth two marks. Question One 1.1 Electronic Executive Information Systems (EIS) and Expert Systems (ES) are examples
A customer relationship management software.
B database management systems.
C computer networking.
D decision based software.
(2 marks) 1.2 Technology which encourages user contributions and interactivity is known as
A Web 2.0.
B business 2 consumer (B2C).
C e-commerce.
D teleworking.
(2 marks)
1.3 Dispersed and virtual teams are normally a result of
A an economic downturn.
B developments in technology and information systems.
C poor staff morale and motivation within the workforce.
D ineffective human resourcing practices.
(2 marks)
Enterprise Operations 2 May 2010 Examination


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