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Marketing Exam Essay

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Define the central problem in the case (max 1050 characters with spaces,about 150 words)
This case deals with the service marketing. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones made their solicitor firm successful in Stroud over the last six years by building their client base through a personal approach and breaking down the stuffy image of the ...view middle of the document...

Service encounter is the interaction between the costumer, client in this case, and the service producer. This means that Mr. Johnsons has a service encounter when he meets with Mr. Smith but also when he meets the receptionist. The service encounter in the company is therefore not consistent if we take a look at how Mr. Johnson’s encounter with the receptionist and Mr. Smith is described. It can therefore be useful to look at the molecular model which shows the different elements of the service that a company provides to see in which parts Smith and Jones can better their service so they provide the desired service.
What alternative actions can the company take to counter the problem?(max 1050 characters with
spaces, about 150 words)
1. What must Smith and Jones deal with the difference between receptionist and Mr. Smith
According to the molecular model is there a need for consistency in the service delivery because a change in one element can affect the whole experience of the service. This means that there needs to be a consistency in the service provided in the different elements, which embraces Mr. Smith and Jones approach, from the first encounter with the receptionist to the end of the process. To make sure that the provided service follows the firm’s approach is it essential that all of the employees knows it, this can be done through the employee manual.
It seems like there is a hierarchy between the employees, the receptionist is typing while some of the...

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