Marketing Products In India Essay

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Marketing Products in India

1) Market choice and risks that are of most concern
The market that I feel is the best for Old Navy clothing at this time is India. This is because I feel as though we should look for a long-term investment in the Asian market and this is a country with long-term goals. If we as a company are looking to establish ourselves as a market leader it is necessary to first build a strong reputation as a company that is willing to sacrifice in order to succeed. Once we earn the respectability of this market it would be considerably easier to market our product to not only the Asian market but as well as the Middle East and the other surrounding markets. Bearing in mind the fact that we could enter the Chinese market and attempt the same strategy but we must consider the dedication long-term growth and political stability. The risks that we as a company will possibly encounter are the requirements of a trade-related intellectual property rights agreement this is important because we do not want any other companies infringing on product designs which are rightfully ours. This is a major risk however we feel as though as a large company it is nothing that we can not handle. It will be an even better opportunity for us if we can become known as a company that was willing to assist in the matter and earn the respectability of the government as well as the people.
2) Entry strategy and why
The entry strategy in which we will implement will have to a joint venture. The reason behind this strategy is because we have sat back and watch other companies attempt to establish themselves in similar markets and end embarrassing themselves as well as ruining their reputations. We are not willing to risk any kind of miscommunication with the people of this country or the possibility of not succeeding in such a tremendous market. So the company in which we will choose will have to be established as well as have a reputation as a market leader. And because of the reception in which we have found from the government in India we do not see a problem with them helping us find a corporation with such high a standards in which we hold. Being the legal issues which are involved with this venture it is very beneficial to us that the language India is English and we do not have to deal with some of the majors issues that are involved in some countries. In addition to the previous advantages we feel as though an already established corporation can help us learn and implement our own distribution channels as well as our marketing campaign. It is through this venture that we will be able to implement our true strategy, which is entry into the complete Asian market.
3) Product line we will introduce
Due to the climate of India the product lines in which we as a company can produce feel that we can meet the needs of all the people whether that be in the mountainous north or in the warmer climate of the south. Because we have a universal...

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