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PurpleClick Media Pte Ltd was incorporated by current CEO Mr Leonard Tan, a former employee of "Yahoo!". Seeing the need for a consultancy agency for online advertising, he decided to set up one in January 2006. Together with his start up staffs, Tan achieved some early success as they were able to break even in their first year of operation in 2006 by netting sales revenue of more than S$1 million, an impressive feat for a new start-up company.Due to the sore lack of knowledge on search engine marketing (SEM) among businesses and the public alike, Tan and his colleagues had to call up companies one by one. In the initial years, they had to clarify that search engine names were "Google" and "Yahoo!", not "Goggles" or other variations, and how search engines and SEM work. The effort put into educating the small-medium enterprises eventually bagged them the Google Agency of the Year for SME Market Education award in 2008. They were also named the Top Search Partner for Yahoo! Southeast Asia for two years consecutively in 2006 and 2007. PurpleClick also gained more attention when Tan was named Asia's Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek in 2008.2009 was a year of awards and accolades as they won many prestigious local and global awards. The greatest recognition of PurpleClick's expertise in the SEM industry was given when they emerged top winner in both the Search Marketing Agency (Local) and Top 3 Search Marketing Agency (Global) by Marketing Magazine in 2009 and 2010. Other awards include the Best Digital Campaign - SEM/SEO (Silver) and Best Campaign Strategy - Customer Acquisition (Silver) by dm360 Awards, Emerging Enterprise Award by The Business Time and OCBC, Brand Leadership Award by World Brand Congress and the Entrepreneur of the Year (Leonard Tan, CEO) by Rotary-ASME.In 2010, PurpleClick continued their streak of excellence. Their contributions to the local Infocomm industry garnered them the coveted National Infocomm Award (NIA) awarded by iDA and SiTF. Tan had achieved considerable success as a youth entrepreneur as he clinched the Singapore Youth Award for Entrepreneurship and accepted into the Young Business Leaders 2010-2011 circle by Youth Network, which was chaired by Mayor and Member of Parliament, Teo Ser Luck. PurpleClick sales revenue had grown from S$2.6 million in 2008 to S$7.0million in 2010. The sales growth over a period of five years was an astonishing 700% increase. PurpleClick's credibility and potential are indeed evident by the incredible sales growth and awards they achieved.PurpleClick has gone from a fledging small SEM firm to an regionally recognised online marketing agency. From their humble start in a small 150 square-feet shophouse with a cockroach-infested back-alley entrance, to a decent office at Outram Road, PurpleClick has seen fast improvements in their sales performance and brand recognition. In a sunrise industry like SEM, these performances are the most obvious indications to potential...

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