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Marketing Impact In Society According To 'mad Men' Marketing Essay On Marketing's Affect On Society

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Don is The Don of Understanding Humans and Consumerism
In the first episode of the AMC original series “Mad Men,” Don Draper makes a profound comment about advertising. He says, “advertising is based on one thing: happiness.” This is the first time the audience is introduced to Don and his tremendous marketing prowess as he shares this profound insight that certainly isn’t wrong. What Don is essentially saying here is that popular American consumer culture is driven by the search for happiness. But as with everything, there are different varying levels of happiness, and different types of happiness and that's what we as consumers think critically about when making our decisions on what and what not to use our money to buy. This is an important concept to analyze in depth as money takes our energy and the finite amount of time we have on this planet to earn. Therefore, understanding what happiness we are buying is an important one to grasp.
Don reminds us of the simple fact that the goal of marketers is to convince the consumer that the advertised product will make them happier if they purchase it. In other words, marketers have to convey to the customer not what the product is, but what it will do for them and how it will make their life better. For example, nobody wants a Dyson vacuum because they solely wish to conduct the act of vacuuming for vacuuming’s sake. Why the consumer wants the vacuum is because they know that vacuuming with a Dyson vacuum will make their homes cleaner and more respectable, which will in turn swell the consumer with a feeling of pride and relaxation knowing they can have guests, pets, family and themselves comfortable in an upstanding home. These feelings of pride and relaxation for some consumers correlate and can sometimes cause happiness. In addition the consumer will make this decision to purchase the newly advertised Dyson vacuum as opposed to others because it is advertised as the most innovative and efficient, so not only is the consumer vacuuming their home into respectable cleanliness and relaxation, but they are doing it at no cost to their day’s efficiency thanks to using the Dyson. This means the consumer has more time to be doing other tasks that perhaps they like more than vacuuming. Therefore, the consumer understands that the advertised vacuum maximizes their own happiness as it provides them with the aforementioned features like a clean home, a sense of relaxation and pride. Now once we understand that this vacuum can clean so well, it is up to us, the consumers, to determine through our own personal schemas and value systems whether or not those offerings to my happiness align with my values enough to purchase it. Do I want a cleaner home in less time? Would I rather pay a maid cleaning service...

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