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Marketing In The Mobile Phone Industry

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Marketing in the Mobile Phone Industry

We have chosen to investigate the following mobile phone companies:-

· BT Cellnet

· One2One

· Orange

We will be closely investigating another mobile phone network called
Vodafone against the other three companies where we will be discussing
Vodafone's competitive advantage against BTCellnet's long established
cellular company of British Telecom and comparing the newly
established company, One2One and how it threatens Vodafone. We will be
creating and discussing SWOT analysis for these companies and
explaining their current positioning. We will then be explaining how
these four companies positioning will change within the next ten years
from the results we have in our SWOT.

Mobile Phone Description and History

There has been massive change in the mobile phone industry since it
was first launched in the 1980's. In recent years, four main players
have dominated the industry, which are the companies we are
discussing. Originally, two main players, Vodafone and Cellnet started
the mobile telephone network.

Vodafone History


The Racal group founded Vodafone in 1982 and was the first mobile
phone provider in the UK. The groups become public in 1988 when it
floated on the New York Stock Exchange and in 1993, Vodafone and Racal
demerged to become Vodafone Group PLC. The same year, the company was
the first to launch an all-digital service called GSM (Global System
for Mobile Communication) network. Independent suppliers for mobile
telephones have classed Vodafone as the market leader for network
service and the most technologically advanced with their
telecommunications equipment. Growth with most of the mobile network
suppliers have been tremendous - with Vodafone, we can see that almost
every year, subscribers signing onto Vodafone has almost doubled.
Within the retail section, Vodafone launched Vodafone Retail, and has
over 280 outlets nationwide outside of the specialist mobile phone
retailers. Vodafone has not only been supplying a quality network
service to UK customers, but they have also had interests in countries
such as Germany, South Africa, Australia and Greece. Because of this,
Vodafone Group International was set up in 1993 these partnerships
with overseas companies.

In May 2000, Vodafone completed a joint venture with Bell Atlantic of
America to form Verizon Wireless and are currently market leaders in
the US, providing network service to 23 million customers and have
majority coverage.

Why Choose Vodafone?

We have chosen this company as our main choice as Vodafone is the UK's
leading network operator with the highest number of users and is the
largest mobile Communications Company in the world.

Current Positioning

Vodafone UK is the UK's leading network...

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