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In general most people do not spend a lot of time in their kitchens or bathrooms, as most people spend their free time socializing or relaxing. This requires a different atmosphere than these two areas can provide in a housing unit. In most cities and college towns, apartments are the most prevalent housing accommodations available. Since apartments have such small living quarters, kitchens and bathrooms tend to suffer the most when it comes to square footage. With smaller kitchens comes limited counter space.
Being a resident of an apartment complex, I know what it is like to run out of counter space. For me and many other people, I use kitchen counter space as a place to keep small appliance as most of my cabinets are full of dishes and food; thus limiting my cooking space even further. I have found myself on many occasions looking for a place to put my chopping board whilst still being able to have all my ingredients out ready to cook. Sometime it is just important to not feel like cooking takes forever because you have to constantly move things around on the countertops in your kitchen.
Since you can’t increase the size of a kitchen in an apartment, the best solution is to use the space you have efficiently. This is when my fold out countertop comes in handy. This product will allow the user to instantly have extra counter space without leaving the kitchen or having to move around what is already there. There are many features that come with this product that the average countertop may not provide.
This product is best suited to people that feel as though they need more kitchen counter space. By offering this product to them, they will no long have to waste time moving objects around in their kitchens. This product offers users the freedom to have the house or apartment they want without worrying about the kitchen being too small and not having the counter space they need. They will save money by not having to renovate their home or chose a more costly apartment over lack of counter space.
When marketing this product, it is important to identify your audience. This product can be marketed toward two user groups. The main group I think we will find has the most use for this is the average college student and city resident. This group faces the biggest problem at hand when it comes to their living quarters, space efficiency. The more confined we become, the more we feel the need to be resourceful with the space we have. For that reason this product is best suited for this group as it is mainly designed for its’ ability to be space efficient.
When designing for this group budget is always a major consideration. With our main group being those who live in apartments, they most likely don’t have a large budget to live off. Therefore this product needs to be reasonably inexpensive. This means that the counter will need to be made out of low-cost materials and be limited in variability. With this in mind, I think it...

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