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Marketing Mix On Company Lululemon Essay

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Product: Lululemon product strategies are relevant according to their target market. However, the company should increase their brand awareness and differentiate their products from strong competitors such as Nike and Adidas. In areas of customer service, currently the firm offers in store health and diet advice through their employees to consumers. But, if the firm can offer these advices from health experts it will improve their customer service satisfaction because most consumers may think that the employees do not have formal education to give dietary tips or health recommendations.
Presently, the company has basic designs for hoodies and tops, the firm should develop unique designs and trends to attract more customers. In addition, the firm promises that their products are made up of durable material that can last up to 5 years. By having such promises the firm should provide warranty for their clothing products such as if the zipper of the hoodies break during the first year of purchase, the customers can visit their store and get the zipper fixed for free. Lululemon should continue involving the use of reusable shopping bags and price tags. The tag provides crucial information regarding the directions for using and taking care of products.
Currently, Lululemon is positioned as high quality and high price sport apparel brand. The company should maintain their positioning strategy because they should not compromise on their quality and price as is well suited to their target market. However, the company should offer occasional special offers, where they can further target middle class people rather than just upper middle class. The corporation should expand their product line by adding clothing apparel for swimming, ballet and dancing. Furthermore, the company should also develop men products as currently they offer more products and selection for women than men.
Price: Lululemon offers prestigious and exclusive products to their consumers, therefore their prices for products are high in order to match their target market and product quality. The company should continue to follow high pricing and high quality strategy but...

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