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Marketing Mix Of A Beer Company

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Content PageIntroduction 2Task11.0 The marketing mix on the Black Sheep Brewery 21.1 Product 21.2 Promotion 4-5Sales PromotionSponsorshipAdvertising1.3 Place 61.4 Price 6Task 22.0 Logistic Facilities on the Black Sheep Brewery 7-9Task 33.0 International Operation on the Black Sheep Brewery 93.1 Social/Culture 103.2 Legal 103.3 Economic 113.4 Political 113.5 Technical 123.6 Competitors 12IntroductionIt was in October 1992 when The Black Sheep Brewery beers first made an appearance in pubs in and around the Yorkshire Dales. The delivery of those first casks of beer over ten years ago began a new era for Paul Theakston, whose family has brewed in Masham for five generations.It also allowed him to put behind him the heartache left by the often acrimonious battles that culminated in the "old" family firm of T & R Theakston Ltd ending up as part of Scottish & Newcastle Breweries. The events that led to the loss of the Theakston brewery had rumbled on since the early 1970s, with Scottish & Newcastle finally seizing power in 1988. Although they offered him a position, Paul decided corporate life wasn't for him. What's more, it would have meant him leaving his beloved Masham.Determined to stay in Masham and being a long, long way from retirement (both age-wise and financially!!) it didn't take long for Paul to conclude that it was brewing that he was best at. The decision was made, create a "new" brewery in Masham. Now Black Sheep Brewery has invested £3 million in more production facilities and has boosted by 20 per cent. The company is on course for doubling by 2006 and a new distribution depot is being constructed for completion by the end of 2004.1.0 The Marketing Mix on The Black Sheep BreweryThe marketing mix is looking at the right product, at the right price, what media to use and to use the right place. These are known as:ProductPricePromotionPlaceOr the four P's1a ProductProduct is defined as a physical good, service, idea, person or place that is capable of offering tangible and intangible benefits that individuals or organisations regard as necessary or that they are prepared to exchange money or something of value for it. Peter, J. Paul, 'Marketing management: knowledge and skills' Boston; London: McGraw-Hill)If the product does not provide the services or covers the expected needs from the customer or does not deliver the expectations created by other elements of the marketing mix, then the whole project is not going to work.The name of Black Sheep Ale does not have a marketing reason, and named after thinking and having discussion for long time. A name was needed to reflect the area and history of the place. Sheep have always figured largely in the history of the area. Masham was once an important centre for sheep trading and famous for its sheep fair. However, Sheep Brewery seemed a bit tame. In a timely stroke of inspiration Sue, Paul's wife, coined the name Black Sheep Brewery.Black Sheep has some different slogans, but...

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