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The article, “The Rebranding of the Bronx”, discussed the transformation of the once dead concrete wasteland. Brooklyn once was nothing but asphalt with empty buildings and areas with major issues, however, there are some residents who have given Brooklyn back its livelihood. The article also discusses some of the criticisms that native Brooklynites have voiced, like not needing a “new Brooklyn” and not wanting to capitalize on the troublesome history that Brooklyn has had. There are also introductions and narratives of the people who are helping to give Brooklyn its urban coolness back.
To begin, the article discusses the marketing topic of repositioning despite rebranding being in the title. Residents in Brooklyn have repositioned the history of the borough to appeal to more people including celebrities such as Carmelo Anthony and Naomi Campbell. In the article, it was mentioned that there was only asphalt, dark tattoo parlors and fast-food depots, but now there are shops going up and even a new apartment building. With the repositioning of the borough, more tourist will be attracted to it and the citizens will have more to look forward to. The repositioning of the Bronx will have a slippery slope affect by bringing in more revenue and helping the community do better as a whole.
The next marketing concept in the article is entrepreneurship. All the new establishments in Brooklyn can be attributed to entrepreneurs such as Jerome Lamaar and Flora Montes. Jerome opened a merchant store that has everything from furniture to clothes and jewelry. His work has brought many top-notch people to the city like Tina Knowles and Jennifer Lopez. Flora decided to start the Brooklyn Fashion Week which she started with her last $200 unemployment check. Although she had a lot of uncertainty about her idea, her first fashion week drew in a crowd of 1000 people. In her shows, she allows local artist to show off their work. Such entrepreneurs pave the way and give inspiration for other young entrepreneurs to build their businesses and revive their city such a Diego Leon, who not only blogs about men fashion, but is known as the “peacock” around town.
Segmenting and target marketing are also marketing concepts in the article. With all the different shops and restaurants being...

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