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Marketing Of Energy Drinks Product Mix, Packaging

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Table of contentsIntroduction 31 Naming and Packaging: marketing mix tools of the product 41.1 The products levels 41.2 Naming 51.2.1 The visual distinctiveness of a brand 51.2.2 Selecting the right name 61.3 Packaging 71.3.1 Definition 71.3.2 The functions of packaging 71.3.3 The importance of packaging 82 Packaging and Naming for the energy drink industry 92.1 Industry overview 92.1.1 Leading brands on the Australian market 102.1.2 Target market of the energy drinks 102.2 Packaging issues and trends on the energy beverage market 112.2.1 Capacity and materials 112.2.2 Graphics and scripts 132.3 Naming issues on the energy drinks market 15Conclusion.......................................................................................17Sources............................................................................................18IntroductionThe marketing mix (tool largely used by marketers) is composed of the tactics being developed by a company in the 4 P's areas: product, price, place and promotion, to assist them in pursuing their objectives. These variables have to be carefully managed by the organisation to meet the need of the defined target group.In this essay, we are going to focus on the "product" variable of the marketing mix.Phillip Kotler has defined the product as: "anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need" (Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, 2000).The product, but also its name and packaging, have a major impact on the brand positioning. They are fundamental tools in helping the company to induce trial and repeat purchase; they are also invaluable to achieve the desired awareness levels and to form positive attitudes among both customers and perspective customers.Highly profitable and attractive (giving the trend that consumers are increasingly looking for convenient drinks that boost their energy levels), the energy drinks market is highly competitive.A Mintel's research (Market Trends category analysis, June 2004,, found little brand loyalty among consumers of energy drinks, and a willingness to try a new product if the brand of choice is not available. This suggest the possibility that consumer could be swayed by the appeal of an intriguing package for instance.In this context, we will try to analyse, with the help of the example of the energy drinks, the importance of the naming and packaging tactics employed by the brands to differentiate their offer from the competition (given that the generic attributes of the energy drinks, in terms of composition, are quite similar).1 Naming and Packaging: marketing mix tools of the product1.1 The products levelsPhilip Kotler, in "Principles of Marketing", suggested that a product should be viewed in three levels (a division between five products levels has also been identified by the author but in our case, we are going to keep the simpler scheme of three levels).(source :, 14/09/2004)The core...


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