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Strategic Marketing, MKT 501Module #1 - Case Assignment"Harley Davidson Strategies and Tactics"In 1903, the same year Henry Ford incorporated the Ford Motor Company and the Wright brothers flew, William Harley and his friends Arthur and Walter Davidson launched the Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Milwaukee, WI. The quintessential bad boy machine, their motorcycle has become an icon of American culture. More than a machine, Harley-Davidson has become a brand and a lifestyle. A Harley-Davidson is not just a motorcycle - "It's a revered American icon, a slap in the face to mainstream sensibilities, a club, a support group, a fantasy, a brotherhood, a religion, an obsession, something to believe in, an escape, and probably the best consumer product marketing device in history." The Harley-Davidson logo is as much a part of the world's image of America as Apple Pie, Baseball, blue jeans, McDonald's or Coke. The image is so powerful that companies with little or nothing to do with motorcycles (such as Rockwell International, Chevrolet, MTV, and Ford Motor Company) use Harley-Davidsons to add zip to their marketing. You can buy a Harley-Davidson version of Monopoly for your kids, martini glasses, undergarments, memorabilia and even a black leather Harley jacket for your dog!Harley-Davidson is the only major US maker and seller of heavyweight motorcycles nation-wide. They offer 24 models of touring and custom cycles and have held the largest share of the U.S. heavyweight motorcycle market since 1986. However, the Harley-Davidson of today does not limit itself to just sales of their bikes. They also sell a licensed line of clothing and accessories with the company logo. Recently attracting attention are the Harley-Davidson Cafes, which are located in various cities including New York City and Las Vegas. These successful restaurants provide Harley enthusiasts with great food, souvenir merchandise and a chance to see rare biker memorabilia.In 1909, the company introduced the V-Twin engine, which is still in use to this day. As the American appetite for the bikes grew, other companies were formed and by 1911, there were 150 companies in the US that built motorcycles (Note: Police Departments and the military were the major consumer) During World War I, Harley-Davidson bikes were called into service and by the end of the war; the US Military used over 20,000 of them. One can see that even early on, Harley-Davidson constantly sought to improve their product.Harley-Davidson is an industry giant today because their management has continued to reinvent itself and refocused on what is important; worker and customer satisfaction. By slimming product lines and focusing on their most successful line, heavyweight and super heavyweight bikes, they have kept themselves ahead of the competition. Harley-Davidson has also flourished by connecting their logo and brand name to items such as T-shirts, jackets, saddles and hundreds of others. They recently lent their logo and...

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2044 words - 8 pages suppliers in order to make any kind of impression in the industry. Given this, it certainly would not be easy for any new firm to enter the market and establish itself in a short span of time. Reference: Boone, L., Kurtz, D. (1992), “Contemporary Marketing” Fort Worth, TX: Dryden Press. Chan K. (2010). “Harley Davidson Inc. – A Case in International Accrual Accounting Analysis on the Risk,” International Journal of Managerial and

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2386 words - 10 pages 1. SYNOPSISThe purpose of this project is to construct a model to attempt to forecast the interim earnings of Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson, Inc. manufactures premium motorcycles, recreational vehicles, specialized commercial vehicles and parts and accessories. The Company's Motorcycle Division manufactures and markets heavyweight touring and custom motorcycles and a broad range of related products including riding apparel, motorcycle

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2961 words - 12 pages its product (Harley-Davidson, 2004) .” Marketing Review Historical Data As mentioned in the 2003 Form 10K, “Harley-Davidson believes that its higher growth rate was driven by increasing market share, the stock market and its associated wealth effect of the mid and late 1990s and most recently, the excitement leading up to Harley-Davidson’s 100th Anniversary” (Davidson, 2003, p12). During 2003, Harley-Davidson shipped 291,147 motorcycle units

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1587 words - 6 pages Financial services segment consists of Harley's wholly owned subsidiary, Eaglemark Financial Services INCMarketing Distribution:·Harley-Davidson has approximately 615 independently owned full-service dealerships in the United States. The Marketing efforts are divided among dealer promotions, customer events, magazine and direct mail advertising, and public relations. Harley also sponsors racing activities and special promotional events and

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6910 words - 28 pages Distinctive CompetenciesStrengths:The strength of the Harley-Davidson organizations is attributed to their success in many areas. Harley Davidson's ability to create a strong market niche through the use of ingenious marketing is perhaps their greatest strength. Harley Davidson's product innovation and attention to consumer interest is one of their greatest assets in the future. They have achieved incredibly high levels of market awareness, and

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2702 words - 11 pages competitive strategy. The essence of Harley-Davidson's success is rooted in its repositioning strategy, which it undertook shortly after the management buyout. Prior to the buyout, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle was perceived as being an inferior quality product to that of its competitor's. By changing its focus from a product orientation to a marketing orientation, Harley was able to get close to its customers, and by so doing, offer them greater

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2140 words - 9 pages beginning in a shed at turn of the century, Harley-Davidson has survived the Great Depression, two world wars and a manufacturing revolution to become a company with products so valued and sought after that they are a way of life for many owners.Key IssuesA.Strengths* Company is the only United States motorcycle manufacturer, a definite marketing advantage in increasing domestic market share* Exceptional name recognition* Customer loyalty* A

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1418 words - 6 pages I e-shopping on EBay!. I want to show with my presentation a little taste of harley’s communication systems with the public, their investment in Media is amazing and the strategies used are well combined with today’s technology of advertising and marketing directed to all customer around the world. Harley-Davidson is the only major US maker of motorcycles and the world's No.1 seller of heavyweight motorcycles. The company offers 32 models of

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2800 words - 11 pages their own primarily for the reason that Harley possessed a strong brand name and a sense of brand equity. However, recently companies have accepted Harley-Davidson’s stronghold on the cruiser market and have begun to increase marketing and branding activity in other areas of the motorcycle market. Harley-Davidson also began to seek out a niche in other areas of the motorcycle sector by launching its Buell sport bikes, which are targeted at a

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2063 words - 8 pages whether or not to be acquired by another firm. It seems that with the undesirable consequences that followed, Harley-Davidson should have tried other means of raising their much needed capital. The company could have tried to cut cost in their production, marketing and other operational areas first. Following a cost cutting strategy could have been a sure way to help to bring the company back in line financially. New markets should have been looked

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3742 words - 15 pages . Executives attend Harley-Davidson rallies to stay in touch with Harley-Davidson customers and enthusiasts. A market orientated company puts the customers at the heart of the business. (, 2014)Benefits of Harley Davidson's marketing orientation-being marketing orientated the company will more likely develop new products which will match the needs and wants of the customers-being marketing orientated, customers will be more satisfied

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1185 words - 5 pages As many enthusiasts may describe it, the pride of owning a Harley-Davidson is the pride of owning an 'American Icon'. Harley-Davidson's (HD) positioning strategy can best be defined by its mission statement: "We fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling- by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles, and branded products and services in selected market segments." Now in its 100th year

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1932 words - 8 pages Value Chain The series of activities that are enacted by a firm that add value to a product beyond the cost of the production are referred to as the value chain. Harley Davidson offers a combination of superior performance and unique attributes within its value chain that promotes their core competencies and provides them with a competitive advantage. Operations Harley Davidson’s approach to the manufacture of motorcycles creates value as