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Marketing Of Non Profit Organizations Essay

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Nowadays, people consider marketing as inseparable part of any business. Everyone see advertising everywhere, everyone feel impact of marketing on their behavior, on their choices and lifestyle. The definition of marketing claims that it is a way how you indicate your target audience, determining what they want, and satisfying those needs and wants. However, a minor part of society understands marketing as a part of non-business organization. These includes religious organizations, government’s departments, student association, and of course charity organizations. A charity organization is an organization that uses its profit to rise up specific social problem, rather than ...view middle of the document...

In their eyes, it is useless spending of time, as well as a waste of money. At the point when a non-benefit decides to put resources into marketing, they can give their group of consumer a thought of what they are about (Balabanis, Stables, Philips, 1997). A donning products organization can depict the urge and craving to win to their clients, while a child food organization can make people feel sheltered about what they give to their children. A non-profit company can make individuals consider that it is helping others and giving them a feeling of group; everything descends to how they promote themselves (Maynard, 2005). Therefore, just to let people know what organization about is not enough. All the marketing in the world cannot fully persuade people that nonprofit is legitimate and worthy of their attention. With enough marketing out there, the media will eventually notice and want to bring it to the attention of its target audience. People are more inclined to trust the established news sources. Or if these experienced experts say that the organization is reliable and something worth looking into, consumers will believe; it should not be dismissed by any means. Marketing can also mean getting out of the organization in the public eye. It is difficult for any organization, whether they are not looking for profit, to attract attention, if few people know that they exist. The more information they put out about themselves, the more they will be placed in the consumer mind. This should not mean spending more than they can afford ; in fact, some outlets , such as social networking sites on the Internet can provide brand awareness for free or for a very low price (Balabanis, Stables, Philips, 1997). Some effort to get the word out better than nothing at all, as someone with business experience can attest. It is also important to remember that feedback is also possible when marketing campaign stated. If the group will not actually hear from the average person on the street, they will not fully know how to improve company position. They will not know what they are doing wrong and what they need to change. If there is something that is done incorrectly, it can go on without knowing it. Feedback of any kind is crucial and can make or break the survival of a non-profit organization. Even if it never took to heart, that he is in possession of the group is significant. Although a number of non-profit groups do not think that...

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