Marketing Of Taylor Made's Rocketballz Driver

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The product I will discuss is the Rocketballz driver which is manufactured by the brand Taylor Made. This essay will discuss the how the marketing concept has been applied by Taylor Made by using relevant information such as the marketing mix on how the Rocketballz driver will provide value and benefit to its target market.

Taylor Made are one of the leading golf manufacturers in the world and have a reputation of quality and innovation. This is shown by the number of golf professional who uses their equipment. Taylor Made released the Rocketballz driver on the 3 February 2012. Taylor made needed to ensure it developed a marketing concept which would create quality by developing a driver up to professional standards while making it value for money for its target market. The market for golf drivers is dynamic as with new technologies arise, manufacturers need to keep up to date to avoid falling behind its competitors.

The value propositions for Taylor Made are the benefits consumers would acquire by choosing to purchase the Rocketballz driver over other similar products offered by competitors. Marketers decided to name the driver “Rocketballz” as during testing of the driver, the flight path was similar to that of a rocket. The Rocketballz driver was targeted to a variety of golfers as the driver is customised to any ability of a player. Taylor Made proves that by making a driver designed for all golfers, it creates a larger target market as the tangible benefits for its consumers are sustainable resulting in brand loyalty. The positioning of the Rocketballz driver would be in the centre of the top right quadrant. This is because of its exclusive quality and innovation but also the price is affordable for many consumers looking for a top range driver.
The price of the Rocketballz driver when it was first released in New Zealand was approximately $250 - $400 depending on which retailer it was. This price was very competitive in the market for drivers as it caught the eye of many golfers as there was value added to the product which was extra distance and consistency while at an affordable price. Taylormade price for the Rocketballz was marginally higher than its previous models as they believed they had added value to the driver making it superior than others while convincing its target market the benefits which will solve issues they’ve had with their driver in the past (Gautier A ,2000). Taylor Made believe in making to the needs of the consumer because golf is a sport where each individuals technique and ability are different. Taylormade identified a similarity amongst all golfers which is the need power and accuracy when using a driver. Taylormade identified this issue and therefore is able to profit by enticing new and existing consumers (Gautier A, 2000). The price range set by Taylormade was deemed as success due to the volume of sales achieved after the release date.
The distribution of the Rocketballz driver was important in making...

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