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Marketing Plan Essay

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Custom software development

The potential customers for this product can be from various areas: publishing, software (ISV), manufacturing, pharmacology, financial services, marketing and advertising, government, education, nonprofit and others. These customers look for end to end software development services which includes strategic technology consulting and development all the way through to launch, production support and marketing. In other words, the approach required for a customer software development company catering to these customers should be:
• Market Research
• Gathering required information
• Requirement analysis
• Planning and Resource Allocation
• Development
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Besides visually appealing these small business clients look for a custom made website which is well constructed, intelligently laid out and easy to navigate with a smart content management system. In addition, these sites should be search engine friendly too, which ensures that the site is among the first to appear on search engine results pages.

Market research

The factors which affect customers in this particular market is very similar to customer software development. These small business clients require a very basic methodology to work with, as categorized below:

1. Front-end Programming
They need innovative custom-built solutions, which provides the flow of coding that will match business requirements completely. As their business demands a change continuously, they look for approach which allows them to move forward the existing programming easily and in a cost-effective way.

2. Back-end Functionality
The full spectrum of front and back-end functionality development should include database designing, dynamic page generation, and website performance optimization.

3. Communication
Right from the beginning, there should be in place a two-way knowledge transfer that not only helps in clearly understanding the client’s requirements but also provide a platform for clear and sound communication.

4. Process
The main focus should be use a practical approach which would let small business clients achieve optimal cost-time balance and help them to expand their project at a later stage, depending on budget and requirements.

Marketing strategies

Targeting small businesses needs a lot of marketing as they are generally not a long term customers and they are more influenced by visibility of website development companies. Researching the competitors in this space, following is the list of activities that Netserpents can carry out:

1. Making a Calendar: Compiling some of your work into a calendar, letting it serve your clients and prospects as a constant reminder of you and your design services.

2. Focused blogging: Blogging works best when it is targeted to a particular segment rather than creating a designer blog which might serve no purpose. For small business, a blog about marketing tips and ideas would be a great fit to attract prospects

3. Comment on Blogs: Assigning people to comment on blogs also serves the purpose. If the comment is useful, people can be attracted towards the company.

4. Google Adwords: Things like Google Adwords and online banner advertising can be extremely effective as well.

5. Enter Competitions: Sending entries in website design competitions also help gain visibility and recognition.

6. Go to Industry Events

7. Participate in Online Forums: Offer help and support in online forums and include a link to the website.

8. Listing in Business Directories: The Yellow Pages is an obvious place to start but there are hundreds of others, online and off.

9. Run a Contest: Running a contest or similar event...

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