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Part A
Bellamy’s organic
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Based on CDSTEP analysis the most influential macro-environmental factor for Bellamy’s organic are Demographic and Economy.
Demographic factors can positively influence milk formula sales. According to IBISWorld (2017), number of females in the labour force are projected to be 6.1 million workers in 2017-18, showing a 2.0% increase compared to previous year. Many women would still to choose breast feed over baby formula but majority of the duration would be less than six months because of certain circumstances. Particularly, among women returning to the paid workforce, breastfeeding duration commonly would be shorter even though many of them still willing to continue breastfeeding (Barker,2012). It’s a pretty decent reason to end up using baby formula in order to fill the amount required for breastfeeding the baby. Bellamy’s organic is a company that manufactures organic, high-quality baby formula which is essential for kid’s health and growth. Females workers could rely and use this product to make breastfeeding process convenient.
Other significant factor would be economy, especially for a white collar mother with high real household disposable income. IBISWorld(2017) forecast real household income to raise to $1,089.3 billion in 2018-19. Favourable economic condition open up many opportunities for women and In an ageing population like Australia there would be many older generations that would leave the workforce leaving many spots for women (IBISWorld,2017).. Moreover, increasing cost of living would pressure women to enter the workforce which will increase the number of female in workforce.(IBISWorld,2017). Majority of professional mother would eventually spent lots of their time for work and has less time to feed their baby. This could create an opportunity for Bellamy to appeal to this specific target. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is provided below.
Based on financial performance from IBISWorld (2017) the marketing goal for Bellamy’s organic is increasing the revenue to pass 45 million benchmark in 1 years.
Most suitable target for Bellamy’s organic baby formula would be professional women with baby aged 25-40 years old. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics( 2003)”There is an increasing Infant formula use among Australian mothers”. One characteristic of modern society that must have been realized would be emancipation of women, this can be seen globally by increasing number of women in the workforce from recent years. Among of them are single parent mother who don’t have time necessary to provide for their baby. Most officewomen in public system don’t have any proper help, time, and resources for breastfeeding and find it to be time-consuming. It can also conflict with the promotion for the...

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