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Marketing Plan Analysis

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There are many things that went well within our group for this marketing project. Our group collaborated very well to come up with ideas that would set us aside from any other group. Having group meetings weekly helped tremendously in the process of the final project. I had a very creative group. We all came up with a lot of ideas, and worked out the pros and cons of each which allowed us to eventually come to one great main idea. We separated our paper out into different sections and each picked a section to complete. This helped piece the paper together well. After the paper was pieced together, we all went through and edited the paper to make sure everything was well written. Our group really did work well together, which created a great environment for us to collaborate and create our marketing plan.
One thing that could have gone better in the process is actually finishing the project a week before our presentation rather than several days before. This would have allowed us ample time to fix any problems in the presentation and practice it enough to where we have it memorized. We were all stressed out several days before trying to memorize the speech. Piecing together the paper went really well, and I do not believe anything could have gone better with that besides putting in higher quality information.
One main thing I would do in order to enhance my group’s plan is to utilize the companies around Kennesaw State for sponsoring. My group was afraid to use anything with another company because we weren’t sure whether or not it was allowed, but companies would usually be more than happy to sponsor an event and get their name out. We could have also used companies as promotion for the A-Sun Volleyball tournament by placing promotional items in restaurants. Simply placing a stack of flyers to companies around the Kennesaw area would have helped bring more people to the event. Lastly, one other thing that could enhance the plan is finding a way to reach out to more than just student organizations. We found that student organizations were the key to fill the seats, but we didn’t really think about reaching out to another target market. Our group could have thought of several other ways to reach out to other people to increase event attendance. Overall our plan was well put together, but there is always room for improvement.
The overall experience from start to finish was fantastic in my opinion. There are a few things that could have been improved in order to enhance the overall experience. These include the communication between group members and the meeting times. The communication wasn’t that good throughout this process. We had a Facebook group and a text messaging group, but not everyone would check their phones or Facebooks. We could have used the D2L group to communicate more which would have made it that much easier for us. It was extremely difficult to have a time where everyone could meet up. Someone always had work, class or prior...

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