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Marketing Plan: Final PaperIntroductionIntroduction goes here.Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy that should be used in the development of the strategic marketing planPlease try to link your section to the one ahead of if it.Develop an initial sales promotion schedulePlease try to link your section to the one ahead of if it.Create an advertising planPlease try to link your section to the one ahead of if it.By viewing a marketing strategy as a way to form relationships, Microsoft has the opportunity to increase their consumer base and outdo the competition. Several types of marketing relationships can exist for this company. Microsoft has the opportunity to build relationships with its consumer, by listening and understanding his or her needs, desires, and interests, Microsoft can increase sales simply by creating a desired product, instead of focusing on mass marketing. By building a relationship with these segments, Microsoft is ensuring repeat and dedicated customers. Microsoft could also build relationships with other companies such as intel to market their product. By partnering with a company that fits the consumers brand and advertising, Microsoft increases their odds of success in the consumer market. Microsoft Virtual Meeting Center is a tool that can be used by a wide range of individuals to provide a meeting-like atmosphere online. Product attributes define the features that make Microsoft Virtual Meeting Center valuable and appealing to the user. This meeting center is downloadable software that allows individuals to connect, using the Internet, from different locations. Increased communication is an attribute of this product that benefits manufacturers, businesses, employees and management as well as consumers. Microsoft Virtual Meeting Center allows brainstorming and decision-making to occur without the time, money, and organization of having a traditional meeting. The virtual meeting center is a fast and effective way to hold a meeting with short notice. The live web feature makes it possible to view all the members of the meeting in real time. This provides a traditional meeting feel with charts, graphs, and posters that can be shown to outline a presentation, display concepts, or ideas. The live web attribute assists in problem solving because quick decisions can be made within minutes to fix potentially a conflict. Effective Marketing attributes are also important when developing and releasing a new product or service. The profitability of the Microsoft Virtual Meeting Center is high based on the fact that the product is versatile and can be used in many different situations. When concerning longevity, the virtual meeting center is designed to be compatible with different computers and frequent updates can be performed to enhance the software. Because of this, the product will continue to be purchased and alterations can be made to make the Microsoft Virtual...

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