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Marketing Plan For A Cosmetics Company

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Marketing Plan for a Cosmetics Company

     1389 Sunshine Ave.
     Fort Lauderdale , Fl 34587
     CosmoCosmetics has decided to create a new foundation make up line for African American women exclusively. We believe there is a niche for this type of business since no make up brands specialise in this target.
     CosmoCOsmetics would be the exclusive manufacturer that sells to cosmetic retailers.
     Not only would emphasise on the variety of colours but also the packaging of the product.
1.     The colours would be adjusted to this type of skin( a wide variety of darker colours )
2.     The make up would be offered as a spray, a completely new format in the make up industry. A Compact size that doesn?t occupy any space in the hand bag, extremely easy to use and achieves the best natural and professional results any woman would dream of.
     After studying the cosmetic market we can identify a series of needs in this market:
1.     EASE OF USE
5.     DURABLE

Our Spray Foundation would meet these needs by offering:

1)     Spray packaging with a diffuser.
2)     Big cosmetic retailers across South Florida, near business areas and suburbs (Miami Downtown, North Miami Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach.
3)     Compact size: 30 ml.(doesn?t occupy much space in the lady?s purse).
4)     Variety of colours adjusted to their type of skin tone.
5)     Long Durability: Just needs to be applied once a day, for long lasting results. The combination of powder + minerals will make the makeup last longer leaving a moisturized and natural look.
Household and personal care product companies are making efforts to stimulate sales in a variety of ways, such as entering new markets, creating new product categories, adding new distribution channels, and acquiring (and divesting) businesses to be able to compete in this highly competitive industry.
Over the last decade, sales at general merchandise stores, pharmacies and drugstores, have grown at average annual rates of 6.0% and 7.5%, respectively, according to US Census Bureau retail trade data.
The US and Western European markets are reaching saturation- therefore cosmetic companies see the future markets for their products in Central and Eastern Europe, China, and India- where recent trends in economic and population growth have increased consumption of health car products.

We have chosen to build our strategy upon a focused strategy, since it allows a much more narrow approach towards the market segment. In this case we have chosen focused differentiation.
We count on the expertise of our professional to direct the company towards expansion and recognition of CosmoCosmetics.
Add warranty..??


     CosmoCosmetics is a new creative, innovative company that has...

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