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Marketing Plan For Online Company Essay

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Table of ContentsTable of Contents 2Executive Summary 3Current Marketing Situation 5The Market Situation 5The Product Situation 6The Competitive Situation 7Summary 8SWOT Analysis 10Strengths 10Weaknesses 10Opportunities 11Threats 11Issues Analysis 12Current Marketing Situation 14Existing marketing mix 16Market Targeting and Positioning 18Future Growth Opportunities 19Ansoff's Matrix 19Evaluation and Control 20Conclusion 21Reference List 22Bibliography 23Executive SummaryACME Publishing is a leading global technology company, operating in over 30 countries on 6 continents. The Group provides solutions and services that optimise and manage the performance of IT infrastructures to enable ...view middle of the document...

It is envisaged, that by implementing the changes defined in this plan, the business can grow by 20% in the next 3 financial years. This increase is in keeping with industry predictions and will secure the future of the OD team.Current Marketing SituationThe Market SituationThe internet and technological revolution was considered over after the bursting of the .com bubble which led to myriad companies filing for voluntary administration. It was followed closely with the attacks of September 11th which further hindered the restoration and growth of this industry. However, this is a revolution that refuses to die, and has now developed to being critical and integral to our lives and businesses.According to Howarth(2003, p. 3), "IT companies have a strong optimism for 2004, including a willingness to invest in new applications and infrastructure." Cost cutting, a big feature of IT departments in the past three years, is still important for many companies, but is no longer the sole imperative. Companies are finally lifting their investment in security technology, e-business applications and communications infrastructure. While nobody in the industry expects IT spending to surge, there is cautious optimism that spending will, at least, return to normal levels in 2004.The OD team is participating in a $14 billion a year market in Australia alone. It is also envisaged that this market will have a growth rate of 20% over the next three years (HREF 2).Figure 1: Projected Growth of the Information Technology IndustryThe OD team will be targeting the IT departments of large multinational and national organizations as well as government departments, where staff numbers are 100 or more. There are approximately 10,000 potential customers and is not only the largest group, but also the only group where 100% use computers and at least 99% have internet access (HREF 2).Figure 2: 38% of all business employ 100 or more staffThe Product SituationThe OD team markets two primary products, custom consulting service and packaged offerings.Custom consulting services are client specific and unique to each engagement. It involves partnering with the client and assisting them to solve a problem or challenge. It allows the marketing of the organizations most important resource, their staff and their skills. It requires experienced engineers and specialists in a range of fields with extensive domain knowledge in their specialty.The packaged offerings are out-of-the-box solutions that are developed by industry leaders, with whom OD partners to provide value add service. OD have been able to set predictable goals based on known costs for developing each offering with these packaged solutions. Furthermore, additional revenue has been earned by installing and supporting these products.The Competitive SituationImmediately following the .com crash, most of the smaller web and software development companies disappeared. However, the ones that survived have created alliances with...

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