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Marketing Plan For A System Management Consulting Firm.

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Exact Solutions1111 Corporate WayAny Town, NY 22222(800) 111-2222Executive SummaryExact Solutions is a privately owned technical consulting company. The company was founded in 1999 by four IT professionals. The firm has grown steadily since its inception and has a good reputation within the metropolitan area where the company is located. The company is recognized as a market leader in Systems Management for IT departments of Fortune 500 companies. Exact Solutions has two primary business lines: custom consulting service and packaged offerings. The custom services are designed to meet specific needs and are unique to each customer. The packaged offerings are standard solutions that can be used by many customers. The company has a new CEO that is a venture capitalist. The company is looking to the CEO to expand the product lines and grow the business opportunities nationwide. The goal is for Exact Solutions to grow sales by 20% in the first year and an additional 20% in each subsequent year for the next two years. With this aggressive sales goal, Exact Solutions has hired six new sales people bringing the fulltime staff to a total of 35 people.Exact Solutions has developed an industry-first product to add to its product line. This product is designed to help an IT department remotely upgrade any sales force application that is used on a wireless PDA. The new product will work with any hand-held device on the market and Exact Solutions ensures that the sales team can receive all new and upgraded applications simultaneously. To meet customer budget deadlines for the next fiscal year, Exact Solutions must rollout this new product within three months.To achieve the aggressive goal of 20% sales growth, Exact Solutions must adhere to three key elements: market power, customer satisfaction, and the right management team.The MarketExact Solutions is participating in a $26 billion market that will have a growth rate of 20% for the next three years. Exact Solutions will be targeting IT departments of sales companies in this market. There are approximately 10,000 potential customers in this market in the United States. The market has seen a significant surge in hand-held products in the U.S. primarily fueled by recent innovations from Palm and iPAQ.The ProductsExact Solutions has two primary products. Their custom consulting service is unique to individual customers. These services are designed to meet specific needs on a customer-by-customer basis. The packaged offerings are standard solutions that can be utilized by a number of customers to solve a similar problem. These products are sold with single-user or multi-user licensing along with optional installation and support services. Exact Solutions has been able to set predictable goals based on known costs for developing each offering with these packaged offerings. Additionally, additional revenue has been earned by installing and supporting these products. The new product offered by ExactSolutions is an...

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