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Marketing Plan For The Little Package To Be Delivered

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Establishing a marketing plan involves several steps and requires questions that should be asked and answered while marketing the manufactured goods. It is time to develop and create a marketing plan for The Little Package to be Delivered, a for-profit company, and use this marketing plan to introduce the company’s branding and logo. Beginning with the marketing plan, expand on the intentions which are included in the vision and mission statements set up by management. Around the statements develop, if needed, a brand or logo for the products while highlighting the company’s cause-related marketing or CRM (Sandhya & Girija, 2011). At the same time, maintain the marketing strategies of ...view middle of the document...

This will allow the nonprofit a technique to increase awareness to their foundation and The Little Package to be Delivered will increase visibility and sales from customers. This exciting and valuable marketing plan is to offer free coupons booklets to nonprofit organizations, the nonprofit organizations ask for a small donation of five dollars and then use the coupon booklets ask a thank you gift to The Little Package to be Delivered potential customers. The non-profits could rotate visiting the store months before the event asking customers for donations or, the nonprofits could ask their members to reach out to their loved-ones and their community for donations. Also, the nonprofits would ask the customer to fasten the booklets on their refrigerator to remind them of the event’s dates; however the customer will view the logo every day then potentially the logo will become a subliminal message or at least remembered due to constant repetition. The nonprofits would keep one hundred percent of the donations collected. There will be extra benefits for the nonprofit that meet certain criteria including a special invitation to visit the store during the event to promote their organization’s causes. The harder the nonprofit works to raise donations the more the booklets are available to the public’s eye and the more funds will be raised for the nonprofit benefit.
The coupon booklet will contain over two hundred dollars in specialized coupons including a coupon for five dollars off any regular priced product in the store; the donor will receive their five dollars back through a discount on that purchase. Not having a lot of common coupon exclusion will increase the popularity of the event for the upcoming years; this will also show the ethics of the company by allow the coupons to be used without penalties. The booklet will consist of the company’s logo and loaded with awesome offers that will be available during the two day event. The event will offer Black Friday like deals and accept the coupons on the available products. The company’s logo will gain recognition and sales during the event days will increase foot traffic in the store.
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