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Marketing Plan For Tip Top Wedding Mktg 1000 Marketing Plan

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MKTG 2030V
April 4, 2017
executive summary
Tip Top Weddings is a company that is experienced in creating centerpieces and flower decorations for mostly weddings, but other special occasions as well. The company offers products and services to customers looking to decorate their weddings with elegance. It is also present in a competitive market, meaning a marketing plan is crucial in showing how to expand operations and help to differentiate the business, consequently to allow for growth.  
The marketing plan outlines the steps Tip Top Weddings would need to go through to ensure success. By defining the short term and long term goals that the company has, there is a guideline that should be followed with objectives to be achieved. These goals have sets of strategies and tactics associated with them, to ensure implementation is possible.
Tip Top Weddings must focus on creating partnerships with venues to increase their consumer reach. With it being a startup company, it should look towards having partnerships with lesser known venues, as they are most likely to form a partnership. In the long term, it should look into creating further deals with more known venues to increase their consumer base. To help the business become more known in the GTA, it can also promote itself by being showcased in other event planning stores. In return, they can help promote other shops or provide a gratuity fee for when clients are referred to Tip Top Weddings by them.
With the services that it provides to customers, it should be focusing on selling the potential product, by focusing more on the experience that will be provided. To showcase the uniqueness of the company compared to its competitors, Tip Top Weddings should create a distinct logo from their competitors to differentiate their business. The business should be making use of the different social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to promote their business to potential clients. To increase the sales from clients already working with Tip Top Weddings, the business can provide incentives such as a discounted price for clients who choose to both have their event organized and decorated by Tip Top Weddings.
In order to ensure that the objectives are being met and there are significant effects in the market, progress will be tracked and reported. It is expected that by going through with the objectives in this marketing plan, it will help increase business revenues. The figures and expectations are calculated later on. All the recommendations in this plan, as well as the implementations, consequences and results are backed up with research and expertise.
Analysis 2
Marketing Analysis 2
Competitor Analysis 3
Customer Analysis 4
Key Issue Analysis 5
Objectives 6
Financial Objective 6
Marketing Objective 7
Other Objective 7
marketing Strategy 8
Product Strategy 8
Pricing Strategy 8
Channel Strategy 8
Marketing Communication Strategy 9
Implementation 9
Product Implementation 9

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