Marketing Plan Of Reliance Voyage Launching A Suitcase Range.

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lEXECUTIVE SUMMARYFirst of all I would like to thanks our MARKETING LECTURER Ms. Monica Mor for giving us such an opportunity to work on such a innovative and interesting topic of developing marketing plan for Reliance launching SUITCASE in Indian market.Through this report we tried to know about the internal and external factors of company and society which has direct effect on the success/failure of our RELIANCE VOYAGE.In this report we have done PEST analysis through which we come to know about the various factors which we have to keep in mind while launching our product in new market. Through porter 5 forces analysis we come to know that whether this SBU will be favorable or not.SWOT analyses is always a biggest tool for any organization to know about the internal and external environment. Through this we come to know about our strength and weaknesses.Before going to enter new market we have done a small survey on 35 people who are either working or doing business and travel a lot for either reason. Through this survey we come to know about the requirement of those travelers with reliance or luggage bag manufacturing companies.The data collected is helpful for us to do Segmentation, positioning and targeting the potential customers/market.INTRODUCTION:We are going to launch reliance suitcase as to provide facility to our customer with the premium quality and a wide range of products for different qualities. This suitcase will be launched after a deep study of the market and with taking care of the needs and wants of the customer. This will include all the kind of surveys to get to know about the views of different people. Due to globalization millions of people travel to other country or city daily on business tour, on vacation or some other reason for this they need a luggage no matter what the size of bag would be. We can say that this become an item of daily use. so, after seeing a huge success in our FMCG and CLOTHING sector we comes up with totally new product which can be reached by general mass a swell.AIMS AND OBJECTIVESOur aims are to provide our prestigious travelers with comfort journey through quality product of luggage facility. To be a market leader in next 5 years and to facilitate customer with premium quality to serve their purpose of travel.To provide a proactive, professional and flexible service to members of the reliance voyage.To develop a faith and trust of consumers in our product.We want to continues to cross new milestone in its quest for what is known as "growth is life"We have aim to providing large no. of retail outlets throughout the country in next 2-3 year to easy access of our product.We are committed to provide service center in our outlets to provide total customer satisfaction.We aim to double our production in next 5 year so that we will unable to provide value added price to our customer.After the successful launch of this reliance suitcase we will try our strategy and the resources to hit the new...

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