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Marketing Plan Phases I Iv Essay

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IntroductionCreativity and innovation allows organizations to separate themselves from their competitors. Organizations incorporate a marketing plan with the use of necessary tools included in the marketing mix to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. Burger King has developed a new method of providing their food to consumers in the convenience of their own homes. The S.W.O.T.T analysis will allow careful considerations of all possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends. Burger King will create a strong presence in today's market through ethical marketing tactics and carrying out marketing strategies.Burger King is a company that has been around for years and can be found all of the country. As a company we are starting a new slogan "Have it your way even at home." With this we are looking to target families all over the country informing about the new mobile service that is being offered by Burger King. Our desire is to change the way a fast food company operates and make it more convenient to our consumers. We will take closer look at the criteria that will impact Burger King's targeted market, look at the organizational buyers and consumers, and finally, analyze the current competitors.Since Burger King has decided to introduce its new product of delivery service for its company, marketing plans are still undergo to make sure that we are considering every aspect before it is unveiled. We want to take things one step at a time and consider every aspect to consider all possibilities. In this phase of our marketing plans we will consider many things that will help us in choosing the correct marketing strategies for our delivery service to be successful.We will go over the attributes to our new service and consider the life cycle the product will obtain. We want to really contemplate the pace we think the lifecycle will take and view the factors that will impact this pace. Once that is evaluated we will have an idea on how those factors will impact our chosen marketing strategy so we can contemplate any changes we need to make. This phase will also view the positioning and differentiation strategies for our service.Although Burger Kings has prices for its menu items, we must now consider the prices we will offer for the delivery service as well as the factors that will be weighed in order to make the decision.Burger King will concentrate their efforts on the initial sales promotion to create a large demand for the new delivery service. Every consumer reacts to different forms of advertising this is why the advertising plan and channel management is so important to the success of Burger King's new delivery service. Burger King has a great reputation and sponsors charitable organizations each year. Positive exposure through television, radio and the media will benefit Burger King in great ways. Burger King has set a large budget for the deployment of the new delivery service to ensure the success of the new business...

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Marketing Plan Phase I Essay

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