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SWOT ANALYSIS2514.1.STRENGTHS2514.2.WEAKNESS2614.3.OPPORTUNITIES2614.4.THREATS2615.PRODUCT2715.1.PRODUCT/SERVICE2715.2.PRODUCT LINE2715.3.QUALITY2715.4.SERVICE LEVEL2715.5.BRANDING2815.5.1.The name2815.5.2.Company Logo2816.POSITIONING2917.PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE3017.1.MARKETING STRATEGY IMPLICATION3118.PLACE3119.PROMOTION3119.1.PROMOTION AIMS3119.2.MEDIA3219.2.1.Suitability of media3219.3.SCHEDULE AND MEDIA3319.4.SALES PROMOTION3419.5.TOTAL COSTS3419.6.PROMOTION STRATEGY3419.6.1.Pull3420.PRICE3520.1.PROPOSED PRICE FOR PRODUCTS3520.2.BASIS FOR SETTING PRICE3520.3.MARK UPS3620.4.DISCOUNTS3720.4.1.Percentage of goods which are expected to be discounted3720.4.2.Seasonal3720.4.3.Quantity3720.4.4.Specials3720.4.5.Impact on cash flow3720.4.6.Impact on profit3721.EVALUATION AND IMPLEMENTATION3821.1.IMPLEMENTATION COST3821.1.1.Other resources3821.2.WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION?3821.3.TIME FRAME FOR IMPLEMENTATION3821.3.1.Planning3821.3.2.Review3821.4.EVALUATION CRITERIA OF PLAN3821.4.1.Sales growth3821.4.2.Return on Investment(ROI)3821.4.3.Profit3921.4.4.Others3922.BIBLIOGRAPHY4023.APPENDIX411.Executive Summary1.1.Purposes of the planThis purpose of the business plan is to open a unique Toy Star Pub and Restaurant in Hong Kong. This business plan is giving the goals, marketing plan, competitive advantage, business development and overview of the future to the investors.1.2.About Toy Star Pub and RestaurantHong Kong is one of the most high density and population cities in the world; everybody is struggling for his/her work in anytime everyday. Toy Star is a pub and not only provides foods and drinks but also provide the fun and enjoyment for the customer to release the stress.1.3.Target Market SizingPotential: The location of the Toy Star pub is nearing to the business area in Causeway Bay and after work, there are so many people are looking for the entertainments in this area. We are not only targeting this group of customer but also targeting to the constituency area of Wan Chai district. Based on the population of Causeway Bay and Tai Hang, there are 31,844 population is located and we are looking for the age group in between 15-64. Therefore, the market size which is about 23,915 people all the surrounding commercial sectors. (Estimated over 100,000)Hong Kong government statistic department1.4.Major Competitive AdvantageToy Star Pub and Restaurant is combined atmosphere turns the drinks and foods into a way of life full of excitement and challenge. This is providing a place life should be an active, sports interested, comfortable and customer oriented pub. The pub will enable our customer experience a marvelous atmosphere, which shuts out the nasty "real" world, boosts their self-esteem, and brings out the nicer side of their natures. In other word, enable them to find an emotional and psychological well-being . In Hong Kong, there are no this kind of unique business in the market. Also lower price strategy will be applied in the...

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