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Developing Relationship StrategyEmotional Intelligence - capacity to recognize our own feelings and feelings of others to motivate ourselves, and manage emotions in ourselves and our relationships.People with high level of emotional intelligence display many qualities needed in sales work:self-confidencetrustadaptabilityinitiativeoptimismempathysocial skills.Selling involves 3 major relationship challenges:Building new relationships - starts with communication of positive impressions during the initial contactTransforming relationships from personal level to business levelManagement of relationshipsRELATIONSHIP STRATEGY - well-thought plan for establishing, building, and maintaining quality relationships.DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP STRATEGY:Project positive, professional imagePractise communication-style flexingBehave ethicallyDEVELOP A PERSONAL SELLING PHILOSOPHYValue Personal SellingAdopt Marketing ConceptBecome a Problem Solver/partnerEvery salesperson should have ongoing goal of developing a relationship strategy that adds value to the sale.The salesperson may be able to compete on the basis of product solution, price, or service, but fail due to relationship bond a customer has with competition.Customers perceive value is added to the sale when they feel good about the relationship they have with a salesperson.Salespeople need to develop strategies and practise skills necessary to create relationship value for customers.ADD VALUE to the relationship as perceived by the customer:Positive & Professional self imageGood mannersAppearancePostureHandshakesEthical behaviourVerbal & non-verbal behavioursWell-modulated voice & ability to adjust communication stylePARTNERING - strategically developed, high-quality relationship that focuses on solving customer's buying problem.PARTNERING involves establishing, re-establishing, and maintaining relationships with customers.PARTNERING emphasizes building a strong relationship during every aspect of the sale and working hard to maintain a quality relationship with a customer after the sale.Professional Selling today must be viewed as process, not an event.Wilson believes there are 3 keys to partnering relationship:Relationship is built on shared values & ideas.Everyone needs to understand the purpose of partnership and be committed to the vision.The Role of a salesperson must move from selling to supportingRELATIONSHIP STRATEGIES FOCUS ON 4 KEY GROUPS (with whom sales personnel must be able to work effectively):CUSTOMERSSECONDARY DECISION MAKERSCOMPANY SUPPORT STAFFMANAGEMENT PERSONNELEffective relationship strategy helps high-performing sales people to build & maintain win-win relationships with 4 key groups.SELF-IMAGE - a set of ideas, attitudes, & feelings you have about yourself that influences the way you relate to others.Feelings & Behaviour are consistent with the self-image. Positive self-image helps generate the energy needed to get things done & achieve...

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2010 words - 9 pages 1960s) · Emphasised high quality products, advertising and personally selling (salespeople) due to increased competition. However, businesses still neglected the needs of customers and instead they were producing and getting their sales representatives to create demand. Marketing Approach (stage 1) · Marketing orientation focuses on customer wants (through market research) and then satisfying it. Businesses identify and satisfy customer needs

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1110 words - 4 pages of maximising sales or profit, it must develop and implement an effective marketing plan. - businesses today put a strong emphasis on customer-oriented marketing. The business needs to see itself as a customer-satisfying process rather than a productional process-to achieve a goal of profit the market plan should be the focus of all short term planning for three reasons:1.the marketing plan oulines the strategies to be used to bring the buyer and

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1467 words - 6 pages reproduction. The consumer market is a quick ending solution and the professional market concentrates on a long-term effect. Both markets have a good growth rate each year. The following chart represents characteristics of the premise insecticide market.The best alternative(A) Strike ROACH ENDER distribution should be expanded to the 19 cities where Strike FLEAENDER is sold.1. Marketing research indicates that 80% of roach insecticide volume is sold

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9119 words - 36 pages (a) Distinguish between the terms "Marketing and Selling" and discuss the variousActivities carried out in the following situations.Company selling Xerox machinesMulti-specialty hospital servicesSpace selling by Advertising AgencyAnswer:IntroductionSales and marketing are intrinsically linked; the fact is that they are two very different business activities. This is particularly true in the case of small businesses, which often equates marketing

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