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The purpose of this research is to determine if advertising plays a key role in the attendance at Johnson and Wales University sporting events. We are trying to determine if an appropriate amount of money is being spent on advertising compared to other universities. In the process, we will establish if there are any other driving forces behind attendance and nonattendance such as success of the teams, alternate forms of sports related entertainment, and the demographics of those who attend to those who do not attend. Our results may or may not determine the significance of advertising as it relates to participation and to the degree that it does affect it, but maybe we can see that it is used more efficiently. The research question: is there is a direct relationship between the level of advertising and awareness on the campus at Johnson & Wales University and the level of overall attendance when it comes to attending or participating In collegiate sporting events? We hope to find out what is being spent on advertising at J&W and several other Universities. We will examine participation at sporting events here and at other Universities. We will attempt to determine what is the driving force behind attendance and non-attendance. We will also examine other possible factors, which may affect participation such as success of the teams, alternate forms of sports related entertainment, demographics of those who attend and those who do not, and several others. Our results may or may not determine the significance of advertising as it relates to participation and to the degree that it does affect it, how can it be used more efficiently.To test whether or not there is a significant relationship between advertising and the lack of...

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1211 words - 5 pages . Includes a proposal for an advertising program with a one-year $40 million budget designed to position American Airlines as the premier U.S. flag carrier among business fliers. 25p. 69f. 43b. 10243 THE GAP, INC.: MARKETING PROFILE. This paper provides a marketing profile of The Gap, Inc. Following an overview of the company and its marketing environment, the analysis considers The Gap's segment strategy, profiles its product line, outlines its

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680 words - 3 pages Today's business world means fierce competition, aggressive marketing, and strategic alliances. The extent to which an organization succeeds or fails often depends upon that organization's ability to be awarded contracts or to attract other businesses into strategic alliances. To accomplish either one usually requires the ability to present a good written business proposal.The general purpose of any proposal is to persuade the readers to do

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935 words - 4 pages right time. For efficiency of its marketing strategy, the carpet dealing company should focus on the total product sales for which it implements its strategies on a well developed market. Marketing mix particularly the place results in an enlargement marketing strategy of the Interface Company. On this regard, Interface should make a proposal to make continual transformation in its marketing strategies as per the changing marketing states. This

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1229 words - 5 pages determine if a pricing engine is needed within the data structure. (5.0) To asses the need for a sales and marketing database. (6.0) To evaluate the need to develop a clientele database. (7.0) To investigate the potential of reduction of overall paper usage. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF A PROPOSAL WRITER PROGRAM ON XYZ COMPANY Research Design The Information Gathered will be representative of the Information Management

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946 words - 4 pages considered significant to the overall mission objective, or if the manager for whatever reason did not accept the proposal, role performance is expected to suffer. Similarly, perceived role significance was hypothesized to determine role commitment on the part of marketing managers. The hypotheses presented were validated by the results of the interview data. However, it should be noted that implementation success was determined by the

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1378 words - 6 pages What is “Marketing”? Introduction A market is place where buyers and sellers meet. It is often defined as a place where things are bought and sold Marketers come to a market with an aim of setting up the stall, displaying goods and then try to attract buyers. Modern marketing is more complex than a street market but its is still about competing with others, attracting buyers, providing them with top quality goods or services and making a profit


589 words - 2 pages acquiring these dealers. TIM's marketing strategy was to make the cellular phone as a status symbol, making the Italian society willing to buy.However, TIM planned to launch its first prepaid card in September 1996. This strategy would allow TIM to target low-end customers, who were not qualified to subscription service because of their irregular sources of income or their low credit history.Omnitel came up with a new proposal focusing in achieve

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1330 words - 6 pages thorough background on the institution and the potential students it may enroll. Additionally, this proposal has provided an assessment plan, discussed program leadership, space, technology, and marketing among other items. The OE major proposal has also provided an academic justification for curriculum design and curriculum designing in general. This proposal follows a best practices approach to designing, assessing and proposing curricula. This

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680 words - 3 pages went directly to the CEO Sam Smithstone because when Josh went to the Marketing Chief Sarah Bennett and felt like his proposal was not taken into account. Details less relevant to the case include Josh talking and seeking advice from Ashok and Jessica as well as their career paths. The two main people affected directly are Sarah and Josh because they have to work together in order to present the marketing proposal. The Sam Smithstone is also

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544 words - 2 pages The Purple DoorWebsite Development and Marketing ProposalThis proposal has two sections: Website development; Marketing & hosting(monthly services and fees).I. Website developmentGoals and Features for the website for GoldFire Diamonds:1. To promote and sell the products of Gold Fire Diamonds business to business (B2B) to jewelry stores and suppliers.2. To build a B2B GoldFire website that achieves top 20 placements on the three leading

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1589 words - 6 pages cash flows will generate a loss for the company.While both projects generated a positive NPV for sales volume, price, and marketing costs of the proposals, W-Comm resulted in the highest NPV at $7,638 compared to Dig-image's $209 NPV. The W-Comm proposal generated positive cash flows for two years more than Dig-image's proposal. Risks premiums were assigned to each proposal based on market research data. The Dig-image proposal faced market risks

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