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Marketing Report For Coca Cola Amatil (Cca):

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This report is written by business consultant: Jenny Nguyen and it is about marketing and related aspects for CCA. It contains a SWOT analysis, recommended market research tools, ethical and legal aspects affecting CCA and a marketing mix for CCA's Mt. Franklin water.SWOT Analysis for CCA:This is a tool used to evaluate CCA in comparison to their competitor's.Strengths:-An extensive product range:-CCA can satisfy more wants and needs of consumers than their competitors- achieving the goal of being "the leading beverage for every occasion"- individual products can satisfy niche markets that utltimately connect into a mass market-unique formula of coke syrup is a competitive advantage-Purchase of Pacific beverages Australia, Peats Ridge and Rio Beverages:CCA achieves more share in NACSD market, increased revenue and in this way, smaller competitors are cut out.-High brand awareness and recognition through effective promotion:Makes further promotion easier accepted.-Loyal customer base:loyal customers in the long term equals CCA will get regular sales and thus, usual revenue.Weaknesses:-Production of Powerade and Fruitopia in distant Adelaide - can't react quickly to changes in demand in major cities like Sydney.-CCA's diet coke has more kjs and doesn't taste as good than rival's Pepsi Max. This fact makes CCA lose sales to Pepsi company.(215)Opportunities:- Adding fruit juices to product range would respond to high demand of healthy beverages of today, note that these type of consumers are willing to pay more = opportunities for larger profits.- Development of milk products- Oportunity to expand CCA's product range- start gaining market share in the milk market.Threats:-Competitors stealing market share in NACSD market e.g. Pepsi, Schweppes-Decreased demand for NACSD because of shift in consumer taste and preferences. Today's consumer increasingly prefers alternative beverages to CCA's predominant focus on sugar based drinks.- Scrutiny from ACCC will try to prevent CCA merging and taking over smaller beverage companies and become monopolistic in this NARTD beverage market.(139)Market Research:It is an organized system of collecting and analyzing information to help in making marketing decisions.Determining information needs:CCA wants to find out who their target market are.Type of Research:Descriptive research recommended because it measures and describes the characteristics of the target market.Data Collection:Secondary data è external resources à research firmResearch firms are effective because:research reports with data already converted into useful informationavailable to just be purchasedrelatively cheaper than conducting primary researchreducing marketing expenses for CCA by outsourcing market researchmuch information CCA needs to collect about target market may be collected already e.g. general statistics like demographicsbut information may not specifically answer problemDetermining information needs:CCA wants to find out how...

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