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In the beginning, I would like to thank all the persons who helped me lots to complete this marketing report by providing their knowledge. First of all, I would like to thank my tutor Geoff who gave me chance to do this assignment and also gave me knowledge of all basic fundaments of marketing. I would also like to thank my friend professor Jayraj Pandya who helped me to choose this topic and also gave me all the details regarding this report. When I was pursuing my bachelors he took me to the site of Amul and that is the main reason I choose the same topic.VIDHI SHAHUB:-204313INTRODUCTION'Mother Dairy' Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) Ltd. name itself suggests that it is related with milk. It was established on September, 1994 in Gandhinagar having a capacity to handle 10 lac litre of milk in a day. it is the largest co-operative movement in India with 2.2 million milk producers organized in 10,552 co-operative societies in 2003-2004(). The plant firstly set up at Gandhinagar, India with the purpose of to fulfill the requirement of getting fresh milk of the consumers of the Ahmedabad and for that he handles with every drop of milk. Thus, it proves the name of 'mother' in real manner. The most important aspect of mother dairy is it has given priority to women to supply milk and Mother Dairy also gives reasonable price to them so that they are able to survive by themselves. In the beginning its work with Liquid milk, pouch filling, butter oil plant and milk powder plant. And by changing the time it has started production with Ice cream plant, UHT plant, pouch filling expansion project and also with Mozzarella cheese recently.AMUL have different means in different Indian languages. And it proves the entire name in the real manner. Likewise in Sanskrit it means "priceless". And this word has come from Amoolya, suggested by a quality control expert person. And in the beginning Amul was came our with butter, milk powder, Ghee, Cheese, shrikhand, Ice creams, Milk etc.In times to come, MotherThe main products which are worldwide uses are milk, ghee, milk powder, ice cream, UHT milk and milk products. Apart from milk products other products like soup, kadhi and pizza. Products are produced under the name of 'Amul' and 'Sagar' worldwide. It has total 19 affiliated plants which have a capacity to handle 6.7 million liters per day and also have drying facilities of 510MT per day.For pasteurizing milk it uses all the new kind of machineries. It has PLC based automatic dairy processing plant in-built capacity to produce milk matching to the best quality standards (Ruth, Heredia, 2001). And the best quality standard was set up in 1994 with a capacity to handle with 10lac liter of milk per day. And now it is related with more than 10000 village cooperatives and also made long chain of people who provides milk in the regular basis. Mother dairy has developed automatic collection system which reduces time and also increases the quality of...

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