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Marketing Report On Relaunch Of Fail Product Masters Marketing Report

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Executive Summary
Candia is the very popular brand in Europe. And it was launched in Pakistan under the CDL a very famous milk brand in Pakistan. After a short time interval, Candia fails to settle down in Pakistan market. Candia milk failed to do a proper advertisement and marketing campaign. The important attributes that Candia lacks are color and taste of the milk. The color is not purely white due to which people begin to think that the milk is not pure and hygienic. Another area of weakness is the pricing strategy used for Candia. Its price was higher than the other brands available in Pakistan. This did not allow Candia to penetrate the market effectively. Packaging is the most important factor contributing to bad taste and coloring of the milk. Even though it has a USP packaging, but if exposed in the sunlight, the milk is discolored. They were and still not aware of the original Candia, which was so popular in Europe and other 52 countries around the world. Now we are going to re-launch “CANDIA MILK”.
Now, we are going to change the perception of the people. Consumers come across many products daily but do not always remember them all. The ones they recall are usually the ones they have experienced or just the ones they are exposed to. There are some products to which they get exposed in such a way that the memory of that product stays with them. So keeping in view the consumer need we are come in to the market with the brand name CANDIA MILK with new pricing and marketing strategy. Now we will totally change the perception of the customer and facilitate them in different way. For the time being we are come into the market with just milk but after that we also launch milk make products like ice cream, yogurt and cream. Advertisements, print media, electric media campaign, radio, bill boards and sales forces must be used for the heavy promotion of the product. To promote the entire site, an online marketing program was launched. Social web sites are also use to promote the product. And we assure that now we are getting success to promote the Candia Milk. And change the perception of consumer and also successful to get a large market share.
Overview of the Company
Haleeb Foods Pvt. Ltd. started its business in 1984 with the name Chaudhry Dairies Ltd. The plant spreads over 37 acres of land which is situated at 62 kilometers from Lahore District Court, with a capacity to process 80,000 liters of milk per day with a labor force of 150 workers. The production process started in 1985...

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