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Marketing Research And Promotional Message: Baby Boomers

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In 1946, a surge in births began. The increase in birth rate continued until 1964. “By then, there were 76.4 million “baby boomers” in the United States. They made up almost 40 percent of the nation’s population” (History, 2014). Baby boomers have unique needs, perceptions, and attitudes requiring a tailored promotional message. The baby boomers are now ages 50-68 and still comprise a large segment of the population. The baby boomers also have disposable income to spend making them prime targets for marketers.
Consumer Needs, Perceptions, and Attitudes
Baby boomers enjoy getting the most out of life. They take their disposable income and spend it on the things that make them happy. “Often ...view middle of the document...

Baby boomers are embracing cell phones, computers, and other technology marketed and designed to make their lives easier.
Marketing Communication Messages
Despite their disposable income, marketers have ignored baby boomers. This group of people is viewed as vulnerable, old, lonely, and poor. Ingrained in the culture these perceptions are false and are causing marketers to miss out on an abundant target group. “Why are perceptions so far off? Why have we failed to set the record straight? Why does our advertising continue to show old people as ancient, twisted, limping people in wheelchairs with canes, wrinkled and covered with gray hair, or no hair at all? Is this why marketers have ignored the emerging mature markets? There is an obvious marketing opportunity here for us” (Leventhal, 1997). An effective marketing communication message to baby boomers explains how the product meets their needs. Baby boomers are not interested in the latest fashions or technology. They are not appealed to something because it shiny and new. Baby boomers need time to make a purchase decision. A mature consumer needs facts and data to convince them of a purchase. Flashy gimmicks and peer pressure may work on younger generations, but baby boomers are not sold with these tactics.
There are some examples of marketing communication messages geared towards baby boomers. In the 2010 Super Bowl, Dove launched its first campaign targeted to older men. The Dove advertisement states, “be comfortable in your own skin” (Wong, 2010). The advertisement shows men rapidly going through the steps of life and encourages now that they have made it this far why not be comfortable. This kind of advertising is not typical, and the makers of Dove were initially unsure, “executives ultimately bought into the idea that self-confident men wouldn't be shy about using Dove products to help with dry and aging skin. After all, many had been using their wives' Dove for years” (Horovitz, 2010). Another example of a marketing strategy to the baby boomers is Lincoln’s 2011 campaign for the MKZ and MKX advertisements. Lincoln knew selling a tech savvy vehicle to the baby boomers might be a hard sell, so they employed John Slattery from the TV show Mad Men. Slattery is admired by...

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